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What is your Cancellation percentage?

I have completed 151 GIG’s and I have 16 Cancellations which is 10% cancellation rate, I was wondering how the rest of the community was doing.

Usually I have had to request a cancellation from Customer Support because the buyer never responded. Most of my cancellations were at the begiinning of my gig life now I may get one or two a month for the reason I just stated.

I have had about the same cancellation rate… Lots of it comes from miss communication.


well i’m new here, so i don’t have any cancellations…

Glad to know someone else has the same cancellation, although it would be nice to know about others, especially from some of the more experienced sellers.

5 Cancellations / 90 completed gigs

can you post the forumla to come up with the percentage rate

Reply to @tn5rr2012: yes, I dont know why he has the number 24 percentage with 151 Completed gigs and 14 Cancellation gig :smiley:

They are using a magic formula!!

Im about 15% I think.

Reply to @rr1455: Who’s Miss Communication? LOL

Reply to @oranjewebdesign: Pretty low. I have maybe one cancellation out of over 300 sales. Knock on wood!

Wait… “I have completed 151 GIG’s and I have 16 Cancellations” Thats 167 total gigs, then you would take 16/167 and get .095 then multiply that by 100 and you would get a 9.5% cancellation rate, so isn’t it only 9.5%?


A super clear gig video showing your order process and what the customer will be getting helps. Also make sure you outline these steps in your description. Even if the order is totally wrong, it’s likely you can provide the buyer with something they can use. If you’re not sure, even deliver the work in a message (without marking the work as delivered) so they have the chance to see that you provide quality work and will want to keep it.

Completed 385 family trees, 139 cancellations, 524 total 26% canceelltaion rate, is that bad or good?

Reply to @tn5rr2012: What are the main reasons why people cancel?

Mine is 4.5% only 3 gigs cancelled…

One was cancelled by admin after my request

and other two were mutually cancelled…

I usually don’t cancel…

I hate cancellations and don’t want to talk about it X_X

Reply to @thefacebookgeek: Lol

8 cancelled and 95 completed… about…8.4%?

Sorry, sorted that out, its about 10%