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What is Your Conversion Rate

Hey fellow Fiverr’s… I am not here to advertise my gig, so I won’t paste any kind of links, put pictures, or something third!

I just want to know… what is your Conversion Rate?!

My varies between 15% and 18% which is for any other field of internet marketing huge… Probably is for Fiverr also!

So can you please tell me yours?!


My conversion rate fluctuates between 6 to 19%. Now, it is 6.1%

Very few wake up in the morning thinking “Today I really need a custom cat video” so our first step is to make that thought possible. However, we see a slight increase in orders on weekends, maybe a birthday-cat seems more reasonable after a glass of wine?

I dont have conversion rate cause i dont have offers :(( :-S

For now its 4.5% but when i had only one gig it was 42% and my overall sale reduced too…:frowning:

As you can see in the image below, conversions run way above industry expectations.

Having said that, I’m not totally sure the conversion rates are accurate because I’m not sure all the numbers are accurate.

The top result is for my best selling gig on Fiverr.The high right now of 22.9% is for a gig that this month got the most impressions.

2.9% … :frowning:

Wow…they’re big numbers. Mine usually hover around 1.2 to 1.5% which is pretty good for me. STill picking up over $500 a month so nice little side earner.

Mine are usually running at around 5% - 10%. I’ll have higher spikes, but that’s about average.

Yeah mine are at 23.5% at the moment and one thing I can say for sure is that, the best customers are repeat customers.

Its 14 percent right now.

Mine is at 7,3% but I#m expecting it to keep going up as my positive reviews go up, hopefully I’m not wrong!

at the moment 8.2%.

1,5 % for us. Our quest for world domination goes on.

Kindly explain the Conversion that what is the meaning of conversion in fiverr. And What is his importance?

it was 3.8 now it is 2 :((

here is an image :slight_smile:

my conversion rate is 2.9% is it good?

that quite high mine stands at 1.2 now from 2.5

Mine is %2.3