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What is your CTR rate?

CTR rate determines how much percent of people are clicking on your gig when seeing it on search results. You can calculate CTR rate by calculating what percentage of impressions are clicks. I believe this data will help us a lot with determining how good is gig performing

Use your main gig analytics and you can calculate percentage here

  • Less than 2%
  • About 2 - 4%
  • About 5 - 7%
  • About 8 - 10%
  • More than 10%

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This sounds like a real analytics approach. :slight_smile:

Click through rate is quite important for Gigs as it may show how good your thumbnail is.

It would be very nice to see that together with conversion rate in so called analytics.

You may want to state for what period. ?

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Analytics are key to success :wink:

For month

Well, let´s rather say understadning analytics may help to be successful. :wink:

There are definitely more key factors in the game.


Definitely, for me analytics are best way to choose if I should keep going on with gig or delete it. And yeah understanding is a must