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What is your expectations on fiverr in 2018?

Seems like it’s coming early right? Trust me, we can say things that fiverr might consider in the coming year.
So what are those changes you need fiverr to make on their website as a seller an buyer?

Here are mine:

  1. The two weeks fund clearing period should be reduced to a week. Or it can be modified to be two weeks for new sellers, one week for level two sellers and five days for top rated sellers.

  2. Order cancellations should not affect the seller negatively. For instance, I do not offer a story writing gig, so a client goes ahead and place the order without contacting me. It’s not something I can do, so I have to cancel it. Cancelling it becomes a negative to my gig. It should be checked. I think fiverr business analysts should work on the requirements and gap review for gig cancellation. Or better still, they should remove it.

  3. Add yours

Guys, we can do this. What do you think?


Such a big decrease from 2 to 1 week for level two sellers, yet such a small decrease for TRS from 7 to 5 days? I don’t see how that’s fair: why 1 week less for L2, and just 2 days less for TRS? :no_mouth: (shouldn’t TRS have some advantages over L2? That’s the whole point of a hierarchy)

If the decrease should be this large for L2 sellers, I expect the decrease to be just as large for TRS. So let’s just remove the clearance period for TRS to have at least equal decrease, shall we? :wink:

Fiverr CS already told many of us that cancellations are weighed accordingly, that not all cancellations have the same impact, and that they review them, which is why they’ve put in place the whole resolution center with all those options to cancel - those options aren’t there just to fill out forms, they help Fiverr review the cancellation based on those reasons :slight_smile:


None as I don’t impose any expectations on anybody & anything but myself.

I expect from myself to continue kicking a$$, impressing my Clients, getting top reviews and further developing my Fiverr Business.

Regarding anything that Fiverr does - I’ll just adapt and overcome.


I really think you might need to re-title your thread, as you’re not asking about users’ personal expectations, you’re listing things you’d like Fiverr to change, whether it’s in 2018 or not.

Why not post this in site suggestions instead - you might get some more interesting responses there. :sunny:


Same here. I don’t care what Fiverr does or doesn’t, I’m gonna adapt and make money. On Fiverr, and even more money from my investments. I like making money, it is the only thing that adds meaning to my life and gives me a sense of purpose.

  1. You made a nice observation. I think TRS should be considered too. I think 3 days clearance period for them.

  2. Any cancellation done on your gig would remain there for 60 days. That’s two months. I have cancelled an order because the client didn’t contact me and I still saw it on my cancellations. I think it need to be reviewed. There should be a process gap review on fiverr cancellation.

I am sure you know that policy making affect business. If you do, then you should have expectations. Fiverr is bult as a self service center, with lots of policies in place to ensure the success of both the sellers and buyers. If this is true, then you should consider telling them the things you think you need to help the both parties succeed.

It might not be for you, you may be doing it for new people coming into fiverr. So let’s help fiverr to help us.

Not at my level.

I’ve seen dozens of Fiverr’s new policies implemented over the years, “bad” and “good” - but my Business only kept growing, unaffected in any way.

When you reach a certain level, you realize that the only one in control of your business is you, and that all “policies” and outer influences are meaningless.

Thinking, talking and arguing about them is a pointless waste of energy.


I still don’t get it: why would TRS get a lower decrease than L2 sellers? Shouldn’t it be the other way around, or at least equal?

TRSs have earned their way to that level, so why disadvantage them for that by giving an unequal and minor decrease compared to L2?

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Nothing but the truth

What about ten days clearance period for L2 sellers and three days period for TRS?

In fairness, I don’t think Fiverr should change the clearance period for any sellers.

I hate that when an order completes, I don’t immediately get my money. BUT I think it needs to remembered that shorter clearance periods could lead to increases in sellers who try to scam someone and run with the money.

Ideally, I’d like an escrow based payment system where Paypal chargebacks can’t take place but buyers themselves still have a level of security where if they find after a week or so that a logo design is stolen, they can file a dispute with Fiverr and get their money back knowing that a seller hasn’t already withdrawn it.


Nice observation. I thought in this direction.
Well, the business analyst has a duty of checking how frequent such happens and in what section does it frequently occur. For instance, there are many plagiarism checking websites for contents, so it is easy to know when a content is copied within some minutes.

If the analysts on fiverr finds that there is much scamming occurring in graphics gigs, then it need to remain the same.

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I wish Fiverr add few more categories like Social work or Crowdfunding or donations.


Why did you just copy/paste @cyaxrex words? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

If you don’t have anything to say or add, then just don’t say anything at all - didn’t you learn that spamming is bad? I mean, what did you expect by copy/pasting someone’s reply? :smirk:


It’s okay @Woofy31. When you are as well spoken, intelligent, attractive, and generally all round amazing like I am, you just have to learn to live with people trying to emulate you.

Also, it could be that this person couldn’t figure out how to quote something. I mean you would really have to be dimmer than a piece of petrified tree bark to think it acceptable to repost someone else’s comment on the very same thread.

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That person also has multiple talents (just look at all the gigs they offer!), writing resumes (and plagiarizing a gig description) being just one of them.

I hope that you are not implying that a famous Indian model and film actress can’t also be a smart and astute businesswoman?

Or are you suggesting that this is all some kind of elaborate subterfuge and Rima actually looks like this:


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I know what you mean. It gives a feeling of accomplishment.


For 2018, all I want is for there to be clarification as to what the Buyers’ Request section is (even if that means changing its name altogether). My reasons for wanting that go without saying at this point.

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