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What is your experience with buying Gigs that promote your fiverr gigs?


I want to know if anyone has bought any Gigs that promote your fiverr gigs? If so, did you see increased sales or contacts? Do you have any recommendation?

So I have been trying to think of how to promote my Gigs. I have seen so many Gigs on fiverr that say they will advertise your gig on facebook/twitter/etc. but do they actually help?

I was thinking that maybe it would be better to buy a Gig from a virtual assistant and have that person promote my fiverr webpage on forums that are relevant to my gigs. Seems like that would be better than just getting it on facebook/twitter where most of the people don’t even care about it.

Please give me your thoughts, experiences and advise.

Do not promote your OWN gigs for me to use. I will gladly look at OTHER people’s gigs you recommend or have experience using.




Don’t meant to self promote but you can check out my gig:

I will provide many other options for you.


Reply to @finalstep: Do you have any good references for this? All I hear is promote yourself on facebook/twitter/etc. but noone says how to do it exactly.


A wise man once told me; "No one can promote you as good as you can."

50 years later, it’s still true.


No one will put in enough effort for $5 to give you the kind of volume you are looking for on here. You need to promote yourself, but what you can do is hire someone to teach you how to do it properly.


Still looking for some advise the Gigs that say they promote your Gigs.


Reply to @sajilpl: that is spam! those people did not subscribe to get advertise to by you…

also your adsense gig violates tos and can EASILY get people sued


I can promote any gig or business to morethan 1.5 million people on facebook


I’m pretty new, but I found that simply sticking around, and delivering what few gigs you get on time goes a long way.


I don’t prefer SEO gigs for promoting my gig at all. I try to find anyone who does not choose to automate and ask them to send leads. I like the personal touch in promotion because people who want to buy work are not bots, they are human. So we have to run with their pace instead of bombarding SEO spam on them.