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What is your favorite anime?

I am very interested to see if we have some anime lovers in here? :sunglasses:
If we do, then please share your favorite anime (can be more than one) and your recommendations!

I watched Pokémon and DBZ as a kid as most other people my age and loved them. However, I stubbornly refused to give other anime a chance as a teen and young adult as I thought they looked childish. Oh, boy, how wrong I was. When I was introduced to Death Note and Code Geass by my girlfriend, my perspective changed, and a whole new world opened its doors to me. I cannot emphasize enough how excellent Death Note and Code Geass are - seriously, if you never watched them, then go do it!

As much as I especially like Death Note and Light Yagami, I gotta still say that DBZ (DB included) is my favorite anime as it has impacted me the most as a person.

Other anime that I really loved include Erased, Orange (might not be for everyone according to the IMDb rating), My Hero Academia (just finished it and loved it!), and Steins;Gate.


My list is way too long, but Erased!
That was a good one. My friend recommended it to me and I binge watched it in a day.
It was somewhat “creepy” in a way because I got the feeling the story was inspired by this child-k*lling spree that really took place in Tokyo.
Not sure if it really was, but it was really good.

Gate of course was good too…I also recently watched Kobayashi-san’s Maid Dragon, because my friend told me Kobayashi-san reminded me of her… OK…?

Edit: I forgot Berserk.
Anime meets Game of Thrones…very violent, but very good!


I used to watch animes when I was in high school, I stoped but my toplist was:

-Angel beat
-Mirai Nikki


That would definitely make it even more creepy!

I didn’t watch it, so I don’t know if she meant it as a compliment or not? :stuck_out_tongue:

I have been thinking of watching it. It looks good. I need to finish Black Clover first as I just started it (I like it so far!)

I think I have heard of Mirai Nikki. It seems like something that would be right up my alley.

Also, it is kind of funny that many of my favorite anime have something to do with time travel or at least changing the past. :thinking:

  • Attack on Titans
  • My hero academia

My favorite anime is Naruto, I watched it as a child and even now it’s cool :laughing:


Oh, yeah! That show has some extremely epic moments!

I am definitely gonna watch Naruto one day, but the episode count is very daunting. I am sure I would like it, though.

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Call me childish but nothing will ever come close to being like, 12 and watching Kaleido Star! It’s been a very long time since I’ve seen it but… it was something else. As of right now, I’ve recently seen something that’s I think… ‘A boy and his cat’ or something like that? It spoke to me as a certified cat lady! I work a lot with anime-styled visual novels so technically watching them counts as research… (well, not really but still!). I remember loving the old Inuyasha a lot as well (not the new, I haven’t see either Final Act or the newest one).


If you do not watch fillers, there will be much less episodes :wink:


Great thread! I love anime (and manga), I’ll keep it to 5, though… Death Note, Tokyo Ghoul, Attack on Titan, Psycho-Pass, Monster. Hm… maybe I should add that I also watch brighter stuff like Clannad (or any old Ghibli movie, don’t like the look of that new CGI one). I wanted to watch one of the mentioned ones since a while, good reminder. But now excuse me, while I go and grab a home-made tsunama onigiri from my fridge, reading about anime makes me crave Japanese food for some weird reason…


My only experience with anime is that my granddaughter loves to draw manga characters. I am not even aware of the different types of anime. :thinking: But I did enjoy the anime version of The Last Airbender.


Manga and anime fan here!
As a child I watched and liked Dragon Ball, Pokémon (still love the latter, tho) and many others. I didn’t watch One Piece and Death Note anime but I read the manga as a teen. Especially Death Note was really interesting.
There are so many anime and manga in my life… I could recommend Puella Magi Madoka Magika - majokko genre with a twisted storyline.
Now I’m watching Attack on Titan and it is so good I can’t recommend it enough.
But my favourite anime is Paranoia Agent. Born from Satoshi Kon’s mind, it’s a deep layered and intriguing anime that develops between dream, reality and inner fears.

Edit: I just read @miiila comment. Wow, I love Monster and Ghibli’s movies.


I am a game developer myself (writing the stories for my games as well), so I keep telling myself that watching anything story-related counts as research! It does, right? (right, right, right?) :flushed:

That’s true! I have a thing for filler, though. I loved the DBZ filler (maybe because I read the manga first, so they were the only new things to me?)

I am very interested in watching this. It is definitely on my watchlist.

Watched half of it and loved it. Sadly, I got too busy and didn’t have time to finish, but I should definitely get back to it.

Another one I loved but only watched half (same reason as Monster). :flushed:

Now you made me hungry, too. :weary:

I am sure she is going to be a great anime/manga fan and introduce you to many new things!

The Last Airbender is fantastic. Then there is the ongoing, eternal debate about whether it can be considered an anime or not. :sweat_smile:

Seems very interesting! I also love Ghibli.


And I was torn between listing Monster and Paranoia Agent, really good too!


There’s another anime I love and it’s Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. It’s filled with music’s references.

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If you want to de-stress, laugh a lot and get fun… you should watch this comedy animes: Hinamatsuri and Kaguya-sama. One of the bests animes of 2018-2019


Some fillers are really good, even complement the already beautiful story of the characters)

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It’s totally bonkers - in a good way! :rofl:


Thank you so much for the recommendation! I’ll check it out! :+1:


Interesting topic @vibronx.

I am not watching any anime, mostly because I am so busy writing.

I did want to give some anime a try, but it’s so much stuff to choose from and most of the popular series are very long. Do you recommend anything short, but interesting (I mean not hundreds of episodes) for a beginner?


I would say Death Note if you do not mind watching something dark. It is 37 episodes (so, not too long), and it is what got me into anime. I really wish I could watch it for the first time again.

I still kind of count myself as an advanced beginner as well, as I have only watched some of the popular stuff with the odd lesser-known things here and there. Maybe some others in here like @miiila, @zeus777, or @alphagev could recommend something even better for a beginner?

EDIT: Erased has only 12 episodes. Maybe that is better then.