What is Your Favorite Five Star Review Comment


I love five-star reviews, but sometimes the comments are great, and some leave much to be desired such as the five-star one that says, “Good Article,” or “Thanks.”

WHat is your favorite review to leave or you have gotten?


I have gotten a 5-star review once and all they put was (…)

That’s right. It was
5 -star review
“. . . . .”

I thought it was nice of them to leave a review in the first place, so I won’t complain. :grin:

Edit: But this was not my favorite review, not at all. :wink:


Wao What a nice review :smiley:


:smiley: Well, I’ve got this 5* review just a few days ago: "yES HE DID. " :smiley:


…so it’s supposed to mean something like
“Yes he did a great job, exactly what I wanted!!” …???


One review made me giggle, as it consisted of random letters, like “asdfqwerty”. :joy: Gotta appreciate buyers who want to show support with great ratings, even if they don’t have the time to type in an actual review. :hearts:

But my favourites are always those when people really take a moment to leave a longer review!


I just grabbed these particular screenshots since the buyer’s names are not showing:

This is my favorite review in the past week:

Returning because of positive results n nothing negative in the past. No over-promising; you can trust her with your questions.

It’s nice to have a client acknowledge this.


Any of the detailed ones where they list what they liked about the gigs they ordered. Those make me happy that I can help people out.


As for your question’s answer, I got this review mostly and like it “Great job! Thank you.”

Last week, I got a mysterious review.
The comment was “The work was delivered with great quality”, but left 3.7!!
In fact, the buyer has sent me a message “Thanks for the service”. Still, I don’t know about the rating. I asked him/her to tell me what’s the problem. But no response even showing online for a long time. At last message, I told that only for the mental satisfaction you can share with me about the cause of this rating. But no reply.
It was painful for me.


These 2 are my favorite is the past week



“IT’S ON FIRE!!!” Had 5 stars next to it so I suppose it was a good thing it was on fire. :slight_smile:


Still no review :frowning:


I just start my today’s work by seeing this. Not all time favorite but something that cheers me up :facepunch::muscle:

Buyer's Review


Mine would be the one with the $100 tip. Lol. I’d rather that than an elaborate review. (just kidding. Great review makes my day)

These are some of my favorites. I couldn’t choose.

“I came to Shashane in a bit of a panic: a previous seller wasted about three weeks of my time…and didn’t deliver. With three weeks behind and a deadline rapidly approaching, I found Shashane to be accommodating, understanding, and professional. We made the best use of the little time we had, and created something I’m proud to put my name on.”

“Simply amazing! She is great at communication, detail oriented, open to changes and has a very pleasant personality!! Truly a great person to work with.”

“Shashane is creative, straightforward, and has gone the extra mile with each project we’ve done together. I’m so delighted with her imagination!!!”

“Excellent, excellent, excellent! A gifted writer who understands human experience and can dramatize it into a rich and complex plot.”

“This seller was amazing. The plot you created for the remaining of the book was out of this world. Definitely will be working with her in the future”

Okay, I’ll stop now. My reviews have all been like these except one recent one.