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What is your favorite Forum Topic?


I often go back over posts I have read before to get the info again. I came across an interesting discussion that had happened and it got me thinking, how many people miss out on the great info that is here.
So this thread is for showcasing the Topics/Threads that you thought were interesting, useful or fun.
Simply share a link (or more than one) with one line about why you liked it so others can pick and choose the ones they like the sound of.

My favorites are:
^^Title says it all and it was the first thread I ever read on the forum (this is a repost).

^^Opened up an interesting discussion about buyer expectations and we had some buyers share some interesting info and opinion.

Now it’s your turn to share!


The OP shared (10) Helpful tips for ALL sellers that really made sense. Like the old saying goes… “If it doesn’t make dollars, it doesn’t make sense!” :money_mouth:


Im new to forum. This seems a good place to start :smiley:
I can say this is my best :wink:


Entirely useless but interesting:


I think the fun forum threads like these are some of the most valuable - they give us all a bit of a break from working, discussing Fiverr stuff, responding to inane messages or rolling our eyes at ridiculous people.
I really enjoyed this one too


Thank you for sharing this! I’m glad you found value in what I wrote. :smiley:


My favorite forum topic: Anything started by my frenemy @emmaki :smiling_imp:


as writer said, Emma’s threads are always amazing and funny.


Where is your frenemy these days, by the way?



Wasted 30 mins :frowning:


We were both sent to the purgatory/prison, I’m back, she will be back soon, I suppose.


Which thread was it? For how many days you were banned?


Maybe Emma’s limerick thread, because it was just some light hearted fun with no real purpose or reason other than fun (unless Emma now reveals some hidden agenda ;)).
I sure like the useful threads that give good info or help people of course, but those are so many that I can’t really name my specific favourite one.


Any “The Emmaki’s Topic” is in my favourite list :smiley:
Two of my Bookmarks :smiley: that I used many Time


Seriously, how come everybody likes Emmaki’s topics and not Writer99025’s… what about my cricket/politics/tax certificate/oh-look-I’m-so-busy topics? Surely somebody should like them?


So what’s your favorite Writer99025 topic and why do you like it so much more than any Emmaki topic?


I like Modi Toipics :smiley:


#Hahahahaha!! :stuck_out_tongue:

I love your Öh-Look-I’m-So-Busy topics! Those are serious Show-Offs and Demotivating! If not demotivating, they certainly render inferiority complex and mystify the atmos here :angry:

:bulb: Beat this!! :stuck_out_tongue: :smile:


You’ve got good taste, my friend :slight_smile:


Damn…I thought they were inspiring and inspirational :slight_smile: