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What is your favorite pie flavor? 🥧


Hello friends, are you hungry?

I offer you something really tasty.

I will create almost everything you can Imagine in this pie design. Use it as addition to your posters or pictures. Actually, to anything you want!

WORKS BEST ON LETTERS. :pie::pie::pie:


Hi @lubarda

I guess this will do the trick to take users to your gig :wink:

For your profile, the link is


thank you, I did not checked that. My mistake


BTW, don’t offer unlimited revisions. :smiley::wink:


I already changed that, I guess I did not properly saved it but thank you for your advices, I appreciate it so much :blush:


I’m quite partial to banoffee. Am I banned from this thread because the theme is cherry pie? :smiley:


hahahaha well, so must be I as I’m a chocolate :heart_eyes: loony :rofl:


I love banana creme pie


You need to edit on your gig description and on your packages.

I have found when editing, that the best way to save the changes is by doing “save & preview” (something like that) and once I see the change appears, I just close the window and get off.


let’s be honest, burek (meat pie) is number one, all other pies are actually not so pie.


hahahaha and your heart spoke :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


best fuel for slavic heart :muscle: :heart:


In my country (Venezuela) heart’s voice is the stomach, that’s the one that rules over anything else :rofl: there’s no bigger boss than that :joy:


Your country is now mine country too! :rofl: