What is your favorite video game!? What kind of games are you into?


First of all , Biancha’s TOS.

  • Bianchas main language is spanish , if you see typos or stuff that doesnt make sense please eat a cookie.
  • Cookies are yummy

    Ok now that we have that out of the way!

    Whats your favorite videogame and what kind of games are you into?

    Me? I love street fighter 4 and FEAR fps series.

    I use a fighstick for Sf4 cuz its easier to play that way :slight_smile:

    For mobile devices i love any kairosoft games! Game DEV and grand prix are my favs!

    Also i play board games, Catan and UNO.

    But i dont like board games that much because i stain the boards with milk and cookies, sometimes sushi and stuff :frowning: So people get mad at me.


    What do you like to play ?


I honestly love almost every game, I xfered from PC to console yet I miss PC. I am hooked on The Reckoning right now and Dark Souls.




Reply to @ytretweets: dark souls2 is 2 hard


Nothing is too hard. If may be frustrating though.


Reply to @ytretweets: Well, game developers dont agree with that point ,thus “Hard” difficulty.

Frustration can be achieved on at any of the game settings " easy , normal , hard".

what about Contra NES and ghouls and goblins? >_> no difficult setting and still hard games to beat.


I love gaming a lot and a lot and another more lots :wink:

I love to play Fighting, Role Playing, MMG, FPS and Yeah Racing!

I played GTA games, NFS, Halo CE My Favorite, Mortal Kombat, Captain Claw and Spider Man. There is another lot to name, So I’d stop by now. I’m building my super duper ultimate gaming PC these days. :smiley:


I really like Street fighter 4, but the game I play the most is super street fighter 2 turbo and I also use an arcade stick. I have a madcatz TE round 1.

I’m an old school gamer so the 2D fighting games are still my favorite.


Reply to @luikangmk: i would love to see your gaming rig mmmmm!!

I plan of buying the new Gigabyte Z97X . But the black and red color scheme looks bleh.

GTA is awesome, i love burnout! Cuz i can race and crash and eat cookies!

Rpgs i loved legend of mana, also im a fan of advanced wars series :slight_smile:


Reply to @startselect:

Nice! i have 4 sticks

Marvel vs cap 2 stick

street fighter x tekken stick ( this one is yucky )

Madcatz TE round2

Custom stick with my initals on the back :smiley:

Im terrible at super street fighter turbo X_X i can get used to hitbox and frame data.


I’d actually never even played a video game until my mid-twenties, but when my boyfriend bought me an Xbox as a gift a couple years ago, I loved it! My favorites are Left 4 Dead, Portal, and the Lego Batman game. I guess Lego Batman is sort of a kids’ game, but I love it anyway! :slight_smile:


Reply to @biancha: Yeah! I’ll post pictures of it in coming months. I plan to use Corsair Vengeance rigs, but they don’t have awesome designs for cases. So after thinking a lot, I decided to build my rig from the beginning. :slight_smile:

Never played the other games except Burnout. Seems to be you’re having lots of cookies. :stuck_out_tongue:


Reply to @nickih: You’re lucky!! I’m still dreaming to grab an XBox 360 and One too!

I love Left 4 Dead too, it’s a real game for zombie lovers. :slight_smile:


Reply to @luikangmk:

i like those , im leaning thowards Bitfenix Colossus Mini since looks hawt.


Reply to @nickih: portal is very fun! i have portal 2 for the pc.

Lego games got boring after a while i played almost most of em.

Its fun but when you play legos , batman, LOTR, harry potter etc, its kind of the same thing ahhahha.


Reply to @luikangmk: i have a xbox 360 on the closet ahhaahahha for $5 i will give it to you, but you would have to pick it up :smiley: ahahaaaha,


Reply to @biancha: I don’t like the tower design of Colossus Mini too. I think Corsair towers are more attractive than this cover. Anyway, I love inside it. :slight_smile:


Reply to @biancha: OMG!! Nice brainstorming haa :wink:


Reply to @luikangmk: i agree :slight_smile:


Reply to @biancha: I’ve only ever played Lego Batman and Harry Potter, and while they had similar themes, I thought they were more different than similar since one is based on an action hero and the other is based on a movie. But I imagine that if I played other Lego games based on movies (LOTR, Indian Jones, Star Wars, etc.), those would seem way too similar in their formula and be a bit boring.