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What is your favorite word? Mine is 'Packet'. Tastes like biting into crisp celery!

I am a writer, and so words are my weapon of choice. I’d love to hear about words that are unusual or just sound really cool. If it is a strange one, leave a definition! Thanks!

How nefarious! Merely one word? Perhaps I could choose one per minute…perhaps.

Reply to @kissreviews: I guess think of it like this: If you could only say one word, what would it be? I could run around and say packet all day anyway, lol

Pleasegivemeadoughnut. That’s my word :slight_smile: It tastes decadent, feels light and airy and is filled to the gills with angel creme.

Reply to @kissreviews: Lol :slight_smile:

my favorite word is “Shut-up”.

Reply to @biancha: Nice one! :slight_smile:

I love the words “Perfect, Awesome, Rocks” :wink:

i like Definitely… because I say it all the time… :slight_smile:

Reply to @luikangmk: If I were a rock I’d be flattered :wink:

Reply to @bigmish: Not that Rock. I mean something like Rockstar, you know what I mean :wink:

Reply to @luikangmk: Yeah I get ya! :slight_smile:

Euphorious, it may not be a real word but it has always been my name in any game I play lol.

Reply to @ytretweets: I love it! Mine’s always Bigmish.

Let’s keep it going, some of these are funny! :slight_smile:

i like like because i like how it sounds like somebody like something i like and it make me feel like having people who share things i like.

My favorite word has always been ‘plum’. It doesn’t mean anything special to me – just a piece of fruit. But I’ve always thought it sounded lovely in some way, sort of oddly elegant, and nicely flows out of my mouth.

Reply to @tutung: Here’s a like cuz I like, like like. :wink:

Reply to @nickih: I like that one, but for different reasons. I’m from the southern part of the US, an we say plum like, “I’m plum tired.” or “I’m plum happy!” It’s almost like very but not quite. Almost like the south east version of ‘Hella’

Reply to @bigmish: I’m from the South, too, and your post made me smile. As soon as I read your comment, I could hear my mother’s voice in my head saying, “I’m plum wore out today.” :slight_smile: