What is your favourite web browser?


I personally like the Firefox Browser. What is your favorite browser and why??. pls share your idea & experience. thanks…

  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Opera
  • Internet Explorer
  • Safari
  • Other

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i loved firefox, use chrome seldom, and i like the new opera


I used to be a Firefox worshiper, until I noticed how slow/sluggish it had become when opening multiple tabs and having several addons, and when I switched to Chrome I was like “oh gosh this is so fast!” - with multiple open tabs and multiple addons, Chrome is still blazing fast!

Next, I experienced the bad support in Firefox regarding the latest HTML/CSS/JS developments, and Chrome was the solution I hoped for, always having the latest technologies (especially with the Canary release).

Third, Chrome is made by Google, and me being deeply connected in Google’s net (apps, email, etc.) obviously it gave me a smooth workflow (I always had issues syncing my Firefox settings/bookmarks/addons, but Chrome makes this an unbelievably easy task!)

Finally, Chrome is built on the V8 JavaScript engine, an amazing piece of engineering and research, which is what makes it super fast in contrast to Firefox and other browsers. And it’s what powers NodeJS, which again is part of my workflow, thus making everything smooth like fitting a puzzle!

Now, the only thing I don’t like about Chrome is that each tab consumes a lot of RAM, and I have to use an addon that “pauses” some tabs I don’t have time for but wouldn’t want to close either - but even with this high memory consumption, it’s one of the fastest browsers I’ve got my hands on.

P.S. to keep this Fiverr-related, in the past when I used Firefox and experienced Fiverr-weirdness, Customer Support would always advise me to switch to Chrome since that’s what Fiverr is using themselves and therefore Fiverr is design to work smoothly in Chrome :wink:


Chrome is the perfect for me


chorome is the best in my point of view… But I like firefox browser the most. Because it has some advantage for web development.


I like chrome web browser.


Of course Chrome. And sometimes I’m using Tor :skull:


I use Firefox but only because I’m too lazy to switch to Chrome.
I’ve Chrome and Opera installed on my mac too. So when Firefox can’t do something I have options :slight_smile:


Happy new year 2005 guys.


It seems you like to live a week behind everyone’s perspective. :smile:


Firefox, as it offers best extensions and I like the UI. But it has it’s cons, as Chrome is 2-3 times faster and Fiverr was designed for Chrome, so I’m getting lots of bugs and errors with Firefox.


hi, yes “Fiverr was designed for Chrome”. :slight_smile:


FireFox - but it eats a lot like all another ones.


chrome is my favorite web browser , because chrome is very fast


I had the same experience with firefox until I magically saw chrome on my desktop (I can’t remember installing the browser) and decided to try it, ever since then its been smooth and easy. :heart_eyes::yum:

One more thing, firefox eats up all my PC RAM


how did you get Edge in 2005? :smiley:


Epic on Laptop, Stealth Browser on phone…


chrome of course! :smiley:
but also I think that “Opera” is the second :wink:


and also for “Explorer 1995”!! > jOkE JokE :ghost:



Almost same performance as Chrome and no privacy issues. People using chrome are literally feeding their digital life into Google.