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What is your favourite web browser?


Definitely Chrome! But sometimes I use Internet Explorer. :wink:


But sometimes I also use Opera.Chrome is the better for others Browser because is fast…So my vote gose to chrome.


Well, I have no problem feeding my life to Google, on the contrary - it makes me feel safe against hackers and such digital threats. And I have nothing to hide, I like open books :smiley:

And CS telling us that Fiverr was optimized for Chrome is enough to make one switch :stuck_out_tongue:


It did all tests and Opera is the best,and has implemented VPN and AdBlocker


I use Internet Explorer to download Chrome. :joy:


:joy: I always use Firefox to download Chrome, I don’t know why, just feels more secure since that was my previous browser.

What do others use to download their favorite browsers? :smiley:


I use Netscape to download Opera.

Ok, not really- I use Firefox. (Usually, that’s about the only time I open firefox and it amazes me how many people use it. Font rendering is very bad.)


For Fiverr specifically, usually I use Chrome, because else anytime I have an issue, CS will tell me to use Chrome since Fiverr was optimised for it :wink: but recently, when Fiverr was not letting me log in because it thought I’m a bot, Opera and Opera Mini (on phone) saved me. Works again now with Chrome, though.

To download my favourite browsers, whatever browser is preinstalled, so Edge the last time on laptop, and the preinstalled browser my phone has, no idea how it´s called.

Most of the time, I use different browsers simultaneously actually, depending on what I’m doing. Scattering my digital traces, different pieces of the cake for different browsers/companies/people. :wink:


I like to use chrome browser


Chrome is perfect :slight_smile:


I am also a Firefox freak but constantly getting this sluggish and hanging, when I switch to chrome, I see myself coming back to Firefox, am thinking of installing for a while and see how it goes with chrome. Another thing is that the inspect elements of chrome is bae


I am using chrome. But sometimes chrome show windows dns problem. Is there any process to solve it.