What is your feelings when you receive the first order


I am a new seller in fiver & I have open a new gig on August 2018. Now I am awaiting for getting the orders from respected buyer.
I don’t know how long I have to wait for get the first order…
But I will wait until I become success. And to open the door of my luck I am asking your help & pray…


Hey mashiurrahma !! You’re a new seller (or maybe even an older seller experiencing a sales slum). Here are my 3 top tips to generating sales: 1. Interlink your services and create related gigs I’ve seen many new sellers fall into two traps when first creating their gigs. One of these traps is to create multiple gigs which are essentially the same thing (such as “create modern logo design”, “create a unique logo”, “design your logo”) in the hopes of getting more traffic . Well this is wrong try to be honest on this platform because Being honest is always the best practice in any situation.


Grateful with thanks for your advice…


Congratulations ! i hope you’re touched your first job very soon. best of luck


You are welcome dear




Successful freelancers do not wait for orders, they go out and EARN them – by reaching out to their target customers, and convincing those customers to hire them. If the only thing you’re going to do here is sit back, and wait for success to find you, you are likely to never become successful.


@ mashiurrahma875 I love your courage of being positive, just be sure that you make your self available to the customers, i bet you first order is loading.


Let ya know when I get there friend! :sweat_smile:


Hand in there, mashiurraanma875 I just got my 1sst gig my order. I have been doing whata was suggested of the sellers on this forum page. It can be very frustrating. Make a google, facebook, twitter, and linkdin account and send on those 3 media platforms and the sales will come. And don’t forget about the Buyer Request page. That is where I got my 1st gig from tonight. It was dishearting. But you have to be persistant. The sells will come.
Hang tought and good luck. John