What is your first line when you send offers


hi when someone ask for services , i want to know what first line you put in proposal?

–price info
–quality info
–or anything that you have sent and buyer came to buy your gig?


First of all, I require that I was explicitly asked to send an offer. After that I just explain the service and make some notes regarding pricing etc and invite them to ask questions if they have any. Basically, I personalize it. For the first line? “Dear xyz,”


I agree with emmaki with the “Dear xyz” part, but do not write
"Hello dear."

I am aware that a good number of sellers CALL their potential buyers "dear,"
but not a lot of people like this.
Starting the message with “Dear fiverr123” is OK. :slight_smile:


good greeting will be the best


I normally address them by their username and tell them what I offer for the prices that they are working with, I also state to them that they can ask me questions for clarity. Best wishes.


great info than you so much


you right bro i wanted to know greetings are best or direct tell
what i can do is best


do you think , they are on fiverr for greetings? its ethically very good, i agree with u


thanks for sharing your experience , i will try to use some of best tips from you guys