What is your fiverr New Years resolution?


We all have goals and aspirations and the hopes of either getting a gig featured or becoming a top rated seller,so what is it you want to achieve from fiverr this year?


My resolution is to just get the ball rolling. I have goals and tiers of goals to help me pace myself. But right now i am doing research and taking in the wisdom that others have shared. It’s hard for me to set reasonable goals without having any experience with fiverr, obviously being a millionaire overnight (or ever) might be unrealistic. So, my goals are as follows…

  1. First Fiverr Gig Sale!!! (gonna frame it!!)
  2. Feedback Gigs (going the extra miles to get that feedback)
  3. Reinvesting profit into better tools to better my service.

    Anyways, i’m still refining and prepping my gig idea’s for optimal utilization, ill share in the coming weeks hopefully.




More sales…