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What is your fiverr page that is ALWAYS open?


My fiverr web window is pretty much always open…

I noticed the page i usually keep open and on is the Dashboard page…
Just to remind myself what’s coming and so on.

Was simply curious to know whichpage do you guys spend the most time on and why ?


If I have Fiverr up in one of my tabs, I usually have one tab on the Dashboard since it reminds me of deadlines and tells me how many new messages I have. One other tab is usually open to either the newest posts or the latest comments on the forum. When i’m sick of Fiverr, I usually close both of those tabs and then I’m typically on Goodreads, Amazon, my favorite writers forum or a video gaming forum. :slight_smile:

What tabs do you usually have up besides Fiverr? (Please don’t answer this if it’s not family friendly! LOL)


Dashboard FTW!
I usually have Youtube open, as well as a few other sites that relate to what I do :slight_smile:


I have to watch out for YouTube. I have a tendency to get drawn in and emerge days later, confused and dehydrated. :open_mouth:


Dashboard and forum for sure. I’m nosy and like to see what people talk about on here lol


Tell me your favourite writers forum, pleeeeaase :slight_smile:

The tabs I always have open are a rat forum(varies),, wwoof nz, Twitter, and a bunch of boring Excel forums.


I have the dashboard, and the forum open as standard, but I also have a bunch of sellers I ‘watch’ which sometimes varies.


Tell me more !
Why do you watch the sellers ?


interesting , why do you watch sellers ?:fearful::fearful::anguished:


@capitalquality My favorite writers forum varies depending on activity. Since November '16 I’ve liked the forums on the Nanowrimo site. Last year they got quiet by January, but this year I watched them for Nanocamp in July and again for writer’s month in November. They’ve stayed somewhat active and useful, plus the people are really cool.

I’m always on the hunt for good forums to discuss both fiction and non-fiction and both reading and writing. I’m in the post-apocalyptic readers discussion on Goodreads and it’s active, plus the discussions range from good books to how to make gourmet food out of MRE’s. If you know of any good reading/writing discussions, pass along! You know, a good plotline could come out of an Excel enthusiast who ends up surviving an apocalyic event along with her pet rats.


I go through other seller accounts in similar and different categories to my own fairly randomly. If I spot people who are adding new gigs, changing their gigs, making different offerings, adjusting prices, doing offers etc. I keep an eye on them. They’re usually people who know what they’re doing, how to market, how to maintain impetus, how to keep customers interested.


@emadsolitan Some particular sellers on the forum are guaranteed to write something quite dramatic if you watch them long enough. Others are guaranteed to respond with something hysterically funny. I can’t speak for Carol, but that’s one reason i watch sellers!


I keep meaning to sign up for Nanowrimo in November, but chickening out. I write short stories that have absolutely nothing to do with Excel (and usually nothing to do with rats either). My writer discussions are quite insular but if I find anything, and I’m always looking, I’ll let you know.


Forum and Profile page.


At home, the dashboard.
At my office, the forum. Things can get slow at my work here and there, so the forum is an
entertaining place. Also a nice place to get good info…and some laughs :smiley:


Dashboard, email, reddit, newspaper (shamefully the DM, but I love the comments and getting unreasonably annoyed with the dire quality of reporting and standards of writing, so it’s entertainment disguised as news). Sometimes Spotify for some aural interest. I try not to leave the forum on as otherwise it will suck me in and if I’m very unlucky I’ll get stuck in a pointless argument for hours :slight_smile:


“Manage Sales” page.


my profile page + forum


i usually open facebook ,dashboard and forum


Inbox Page , beside this Facebook :smiley: :smiley: