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What is your Gig's order earning to Custom offer earning ratio?

Hi everyone, I am pretty new to Fiverr, just 20 days old. I just completed my 6th order yesterday. My earning ratio of default order to custom offer is 1:43. I am pretty happy with it since I didnt expected much when starting out. But same time feel that I am not getting much order. Will love to have your expert opinions on how can I improve my gigs or entire profile in general. Also do you feel upselling the gigs are the best way for new sellers to generate revenue, since most of the time we are stuck helplessly charging the base price of 5$ .


What your Gig’s order earning to Custom offer earning ratio is?

I think that’s very different from seller to seller. For the last at least 30 days I only made custom offers. Maybe it has even been 2 months already.

No, you can charge more than 5$. If you already have 6 orders completed and some good reviews, you should already charge 10$ at least I think. The thing is you attract a different kind of customer with lower prices and that can sometimes be annoying.

Interesting, how old have you been on fiverr ?

Regarding increasing my prices, I will give it a thought. I was aiming for around 40-50 reviews before I increase my prices. As of now, I don’t know if the buyers are really interested in the quality of work I do or they simply order because my rates sound affordable to them for the work they need done. I understand $5 lures specific kind of buyers but won’t I be restricting them to try my services when I myself is in need for more reviews and better visiblity ?

Today is my 100th day on Fiverr, so it’s the 4th month.

40-50 reviews sounds very much to me. I don’t know what you’re offering and how competitive it is, so I have a hard time judging whether that’s a good idea. I do mainly programming (especially web scraping) and started offering at 10$. I currently only have 25 reviews and increased my prices to 35$ and still get too many requests to satisfy them all. That’s pretty much how I do it: Way more requests than I can satisfy? Increase price! Didn’t hurt my sales in the slightest, quite the opposite.

Yes, that might be the case. But also you should consider that humans value physical goods and services less when they pay less. So, what I’m saying is that there are probably people out there who would not consider your gig because it’s too cheap and they are looking for quality. If you are selling quality, I think you should increase your prices from time to time to mirror that.

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Great work you are doing carry on

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Wrote a whole detailed reply and it disappeared :triumph:

Congratulations on your century.
I have total 4 gigs, 3 regarding photoshop editing and one for pdf editing. Though I have my base price set to 5$ , my average selling price is close to 40$. In that sense , I feel like 5$ is a premium price tag :laughing: since you are luring all sections of buyer in already saturated niche except those who judge the output based on price, meanwhile making good revenues from custom offer. Also since I offer services that are of visual medium, I think its my incapability or incompetency if I can’t lure them with the work I produce regardless of the price segment the buyer is looking for. So for the moment I am only aiming for more visibility, if I can earn good simultaneously then its golden. I will rather wait till the moment I ladder up a little and get flooded by 5$ orders, then I will rise the price. I am hardly getting one order every 3-4 days, so visibility for now is my main concern.
I also completely agree with your view that pricey things sounds much premium but that is only going to happen when atleast you get good traffic in search results. Also I feel an experienced buyer will always have a good idea what he/she can extract out of a 5$ gig seller based on the work and interaction regarding the project. Else I wouldn’t have got 125$ order in the first 10 days. I received 2 orders today as well of 40 & 30 $ each so I guess the selling price will always be influenced based on the capability to perform the task as required and the way you interact with the buyer to comfort him that they will get the desired result.

And really appreciate your feedback as well as how you went through scaling your gigs and their prices. That really helps new sellers in making constructive decisions when they need to.

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Thank you for appreciation sarkar. Will try my best :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you!

That is probably a totally different story from what I’m offering and therefore the customer base. In my case most of my customers are programmers themselves so they appreciate everything they learn from me and the work I do very much anyway. Just because they know how much time it takes to get good at one thing and through the fact that I explain how the stuff I did works. Also, they even appreciate when I admit that I have no idea how something works. :sweat_smile:
This is also a problem I’ve seen with a lot of people: They can’t admit that they have no idea how something works which in turn prevents them from learning.

That’s another thing I should have mentioned but totally forgot about. In the beginning, about the first 2 weeks, I did work I would now charge 35-70$ for about 3$ to get the visibility. Just keep an eye out on when it’s time to raise the price.

You have a good point there. Probably these kinds of insights and the ability to improve upon that will be the reason you’ll succeed. And I truly mean that, most people wouldn’t be able to figure that out.

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Thank you for the insight. This is going to be helpful.