What is your goal of work on fiverr


Hello everybody…

everyone here has some goals from selling gigs.

my own initial goal for example is to get enough money to create my own blog and publish my poems and share them with people.

i’ve some long-term goals too, one of these goals is to provide a sufficient amount to publish my first book, and this is my dream for many years…

so what about you guys, what are your goals ?


Good question. My main goal is to gain a lot of experience and a portfolio doing work I love, writing and editing. Also, I did some career training last year and took a personal development trip this past summer that has put me into some debt. So my other big goal with fiverr is to make enough money to pay it off soon!


Reply to @writerlisaz: Reasonable goals, i took a look at your gigs, and i think that you’re are really professional, i wish you the success!



My goal on fiverr is to work with individuals and small start up companies and help them grow and reach potential customers. I am a marketing and business development consultant and I also provide startup companies with business documents so they can start working on their business and reach success.


Reply to @safwan: i agree that working with small companies has its unique enjoyment, best wishes for you!


my main goal is to make enough cash supplement to take my kids abroad.


Reply to @tuckert007: well we’ve a good seller and a good father here, i appreciate your goals!


Not to lie ofcourse some cash to earn, some business contacts, experience apart from what I deal with and if possible buying a small house for me. I also want to run my youtube channel


I actually got into Fiverr with no real goal in mind! I already run a busy studio in Hangzhou, China… but of course I’m always looking for ways to expand my market coverage :smiley: and this has turned out to be a great way to offer customers a quick and basic service for prices that are much easier to handle than my typical in-studio fees. So far, so good! I’m excited about what 2015 will bring!


My goal is become a top rated seller on fiverr :smiley:


Reply to @mjgenius: you can do it :stuck_out_tongue:


Reply to @salimboy: But not sure :frowning: we are like a kids on fiverr


My goal was to get a .al domain, and I have the money, but I don’t have a paypal :frowning:


Reply to @ruebenmarley: ah I lived in hangzhou for awhile. I never thought I would say this (because of the HUGE culture shock I went through and the fact that I didn’t live there long enough to get over it) - man I miss that place!


Reply to @salimboy: Thanks for taking a look and your comments. I wish you much success too!


Reply to @mjgenius: and kids will grow up someday :slight_smile:


Reply to @danielrika: well, i don’t have solutions but i’m sure you’ll find some :slight_smile:


Reply to @ruebenmarley: this is the best thing about fiverr


My goal is become top seller this year, (if possible ) , to share my dance all the world :blush::blush::blush::grin:


I won’t lie, one of the reasons I’ve started freelancing now is because I have a monetary goal. I want to earn £600 from freelancing by June, which gives me just over two months. I use a few different websites so fingers crossed, but I won’t be mad if I don’t reach this goal. At least I’ll know I’ve tried.

Another goal is to build my portfolio and form working business relationships with people interested in my services. Hopefully, then, they’ll put their trust in hiring me to work on bigger projects and thus, further my business.

Of course I’m aware starting off on this website isn’t easy, and I’m not expecting anything fast. But there’s nothing wrong with being aspirational, right?