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What is your Immediate Response to Refund Requests?

Hello Seller! We all encounter clients who do not like our work and ask for refunds. My question is that what is your first response to the client who ask for a refund stating that they were not satisfied for your work.



Hi @umerkhawer

yes, infact right now im dealing with one of those buyers.

Usually this happens with buyers who does not understand what they need and does not understand the technical level of work which we need to work with.

When these two skills go missing in a buyer, they are confused on what to explain, how to describe and most importantly … what to expect from their initial brief. thus, sellers struggle and deliver what was briefed. and in the end, they appear confused.

In these scenarios, first explain to the buyer that you have done what the buyer had briefed and as per that requirement. Some buyers understand the method. Some are most insane and does not even have the idea what fiverr is and how fiverr works.

So, if things are not goign well, ask for a partial refund for the work you have already done.

If the buyer agrees, contact CS and tell them that this particular buyer is okay with a partial refund. But the down side is, the order will get cancelled. this will affect rankings and ratings. Thats the hit a seller always get when dealing with this kind of clueless buyers.