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What is your keyword density


it’s a well-know undeniable fact that within the world of computer program improvement, Keyword Density plays the best role within the ranking of your site’s pages. However this term is usually

thrown around with the idea that the reader has associate understanding of precisely what

the term means that, for several web promoting newbies, that is not the case. thus if you have

heard the term however do not extremely recognize what it means that, or a way to figure the keyword density of your web content, this text is for you.

Simply put, Keyword Density may be a activity of however typically your hand-picked keyword

or keyword phrase seems in an exceedingly web content. You may assume at the start that the upper the keyword density, the higher your page can rank. But nothing can be farther from the reality. If your keyword density is simply too high, the search engines can assume that you just square measure “keyword stuffing”, and can penalize you severely for it. Keyword stuffing is thought to be a sort of spam. So the best approach is to do to strike a natural balance between the quantity of times your

keywords seem and therefore the range of words within the web content.