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What is your latest amazing musical discovery?

To conclude this week-end, I wanted to have people on the forum the opportunity to exchange on their musical tastes, and more particularly their most recent ones.

Not sure if that will bring any interest or attention, but I’ll start with mine :

Artist : L’Impératrice
Album : Tako Tsubo
Nationality : French
Genre : I would say a mix of pop / funk and groove.

What about you ?


An interesting topic!
I’ve recently re-discovered Dead Man Bones group and their style is just… gives some extra-ordinary vibes.


I was re discovering cranberries


That’s nice ! Thank you for sharing ! Though I had in mind something that you did not know before, something that you really started listening to, not so long ago :slight_smile:

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One of my favorite songs


this one :open_mouth: :+1:

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I have to be honest with you…I never really paid that much attention to the musical career of Joe Walsh.

In the past couple of months I have watched numerous YouTube videos on the artist.

I had no idea that songs I already were familiar with were Joe’s from The James Gang, his solo work and some of his Eagles contributions.

Having been a fan of The Eagles, and the solo work of Don Henley, in particular, I never really caught on to Joe’s work until recently.

It’s been a true time of discovery for me that I am very much enjoying.


I’m embarrassed to say, that I only just yesterday discovered that decent plastic trumpets and trombones are a legitimate thing!


Remember MGMT, those guys who loved trippy CGI and scared a kid to death for their most successful song’s music video? I really liked them back then, but then they did an album that was underappreciated, then album that bombed, and they disappeared.

They came back 3 years ago with an album that made the headlines and people held them to a new high, much more than ever before, but I never bothered checking it out.

Turns out it’s a total BANGER. Basically '70s to '90s-style complex chamber pop tracks rife with guitars, absolutely nailed synth patches and production by Ariel Pink & co., very reminiscent of bands like Can, Kraftwerk, etc… they apparently even staged a plagiarising attempt by hiring a band from the Philippines and having them fake being the original authors of a single on the album?!

And it’s also becoming trendy again because everybody dances to tracks from this album on TikTok? Whatever, I don’t go there, I actually care about the music.


Thank you for sharing, I absolutely love it, the graphics in “When You Die” are gorgeous. There are more and more returns to the basics recently, with so many influences from the 70’s 80’s, and that is a pure delight.

If you like that retro style, you might like that one : (I’m an unconditional fan of this guy) :


I find it so hard to get into newer music, Not because I don’t want to but simply because I don’t hear much beyond posing and pretending with no passion to make it seem real. This interested me enough to get the album and I pop it on now and again. Not Sisters Of Mercy but amusing:

It strikes me as a rather inhibited version of this sort of thing which was the real deal and feels a lot less “nailed down”.

This fellow is interesting:

Maybe I should try to find a record but with Google Play evaporating, it is hard to buy music (don’t dare say that S expletive-deleted word to me).


Discovered yesterday after a heavy Easter meal


Great taste. NewRetroWave is a hell of a drug.

Something fresh that keeps me productive always…


try this one with a lot of coffee xd


I’m always listening to music :sweat_smile:- I have over 600 songs on iTunes, I have four bookmark folders on my browser with YouTube music, at least 70 songs per. Honestly, I’m all over the place :grimacing: :headphones:.

Most recently, though, I got back on a Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble kick, and found my new favorite live performance :guitar: :black_heart: :blue_heart:.

I remember the day I discovered this man and his band: I was looking through the mess of CDs in a bin at Wal-Mart trying to find a gift for my brother, and somehow, the music gods were smiling down on me, because I picked their CD of greatest hits. No regrets!


wow I love it :open_mouth: :+1:

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