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What is your Main Goal


Hi guys… !
New year, over here !!
What you want to achieve in 2019?


hi @ drabubakarmalik I want to be a professional freelancer in fiverr. Whats your main Goal in 2019?


I want to serve people, humanity and all living things with kindness and love. . want to help each & everyone!


levels, that’s the explanation in one word


i want 1000 Miliion Dollar ON mY hOUSE ROOF:joy::rofl::partying_face:


Happy New Year!

On Fiverr,
I, as everyone does, hope I can increase the number of my clients. Beside that, I hope I can increase the value that I bring to my current and future clients. Because customer satisfaction and happiness is my number 1 priority.


Nice to know the ambitions off all of you :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


To be the very best, like no one ever was! I kid I kid, more like get at least $100 per month at minimum and get to level 2 seller for all those new voice over orders!


Personally, I’d like to get my abs back.

2018 saw me get chubby and lazy, yikes. Time to hit the gym.
:weight_lifting_man: :muscle: :sparkles:


Joshhhhhhh! :sunglasses:

Maybe, just maybe you need motivation.

I could think of a few things but short on :watch: time. :grin:


want to be a freelancer … in 2019


Nika I miss you I hope your holidays were great. ;w;

My boyfriend and I are both very competitive, so we are keeping each other going in the quest for getting muscles back. :fire:


Top rated seller :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
Working on it


Oh, that’s awesome! I’m sure the both of you guys can motivate each other. :muscle:

You’ll be looking like Da Rock or Aquaman :ocean: ~ Jason Momoa in no time. :smile:

My babes :two_hearts: introduced me to indoor rock climbing. Before, I tackle the real thing LOL 'cause I’m liable to breaking stuff. Oh my goodness, you should see me trying to climb this thing. Pure comedy! :laughing::sweat_smile:

Cheers to a Fit & FAB New Year! :ok_hand:t4:


well, so many goals in 2019, but one goal which is just specially for fiverr is that, i want to become a Top rated seller… Now finger Cross :smiley:


Finish my doctorate degree in Translation Studies :sun_with_face::heart:


Nice to know all the ambitions


I want to be a top rated seller :star: by the end of this year!