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What is your maximum of earned money per one day on Fiverr?

What is your money record provided in one day on Fiverr? I heard a lot of cash, $1324 only for 24 hours! Is it possible? :slight_smile:

5$… ~O)

The slow tortus wins the race. I would hate to see the revisions the next day after those sales?

It’s all about your skills and how many of the 24 hours you spend working.

If you worked 24 hours

$1324 is 2700 $5 gigs…that’s 1 gig every 30 seconds.

26 $50.00 gigs…1 gig every hour

13 $100.00 gigs…1 gig every 2 hours

Subtract rehab to get off what ever you took to work for 24 hours straight.

I think with great skills and providing something that people see value in, you can easily do $50.00-$200.00 a day. There are some gigs that are more automated and can get alot larger. If you are looking for that kind of income, I would suggest original content, digital downloads, like how to products or self improvement. Again great information, people see value in it, but you don’t have labor tied to every sale.

For me it was important to work 12 hour days for the first 60-90 days to get the account going.

Now my question is, how much can I get done in 4 hours? That’s where I’m at. You know, I want to spend 4 hours a day on the Forum! :slight_smile:

$1300 a day? Jesus Christ that’s like $30,000 a month

Who do I have to marry?

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landongrace said: For me it was important to work 12 hour days for the first 60-90 days to get the account going.

I tried that, but the trend continued well into my second year. :-P

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About $50-$100.00 a day right now. Keep in mind you can’t really look at the stats on deliveries. As your account matures people will ask you for special things. IE can you do this related advanced service - what would it cost. Half of that $50-$100 a day is the average of 5 or so custom orders I do a week.

The other thing here especially with gigs like writing where content has shelf life, your income will always grow every month. ALWAYS… With a catch as long as you keep your customers happy. The reason? You’ll get repeat buyers.

So in short Fiverr is like any business, the better job you do of your gigs, the more of your customers will buy the next time they need something. In time you’ll have a whole pile of customers who buy once a month, once ever six weeks, and so on, and your que will always be full. And of course the happier they are the more they tip.

Reply to @volodymyrpro7: Did you just propose to mystic_insight? Where’s the ring, fellow? (Totally kidding!) I don’t think I’d want to make $1300 in a day on Fiverr. I’m imagining not only 900 revisions the next day but $850 in chargebacks over the next month because someone stole a credit card. Ack, I sound like a pessimist.

Well Without hesitation I can say 50-100 a day is a decent rate… especially for 1-2 solid hours of work recording, writing and editing. … attached is about my average day now… these will be done around 6-8 pm tonight MST

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Reply to @ardicus: If you could know how I love to make money on Fiverr and how I love to see other people making more and more money. $-)

Its nice for sure. I don’t like to display what I actually earn but in this case proof is needed for some people to give them hope and let them see its possible… sometimes I get less sometimes more… but its nice to wake up to see work waiting for you… I am almost “ALMOST” to the point where I can slow down my regular job… and be home more with my family. Even a rare just $5 day is nice…

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I check your profile its really amazing. Hope You will Hit TRS soon. Best of luck…

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Thank you