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What is Your Monthly $$ Target 2021?

Just would like to hear some of the stories of the monthly targets that you guys set for yourselves, this will give even new sellers a leverage of the endless possibilities here on Fiverr depending on their GIG type.
So lets discuss be Honestly… so new seller will be achievement…

Guys We are now looking to hear new targets for February 2021


How can someone sharing their monthly target inspire new sellers. If anything it might discourage them if things don’t go as planned.

I say my monthly target is $500, they make $5, then feel like a failure.


We can’t compare, money value is different for every countries.

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Yes… I’m agree with your opinion…

$500-$1000 inshaAllah.

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You tell your target first, then I will share mine!


more than 1000$ inchallah !!!

My target is always the same, 10k a month. How possible that is, is another matter entirely.


2021 British pounds per month would be cute.

So far, February started well.

200 pounds.

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Great goal. Good luck, hopefully you achieve it!


Pre-COVID I was making $2,000-$2,500 CDN per month freelancing.

About 30% of that comes from Fiverr.

Once COVID got a grip on the world, my income has dropped to about half of that.

It is starting to increase this month.

As for targets, I don’t really look at it in the terms of money.

I look at it in terms of jobs I receive.

In a good month I’ll have 45 to 50 jobs total (from all freelance sources).

Lately, it’s half of that.

I think I’d be looking at a target of somewhere in the middle of that - you know, 30 to 35 jobs a month would keep me happy.

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My target is More than $1000…

Great & Nice thought… Keep it up… Good Luck :slight_smile:

I don’t set up any goals but it would be cool if i’ll start earning at least 500$ every month.

// And if $ would raise to 4.00 PLN aswell that would be cool

I have not any goal, If I passed my day happy that’s the whole point. Life is a process not goals because the more you put expectations; more frustration comes.

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I target 1500€ a month for the moment, I got it soon.

more than 300,i think it is enough for me

I always aim to pay off my monthly mortgage re-payment on my home (£510). Any more than that is a bonus.