What is your most popular seller?


Hi you guys I’m just interested to know what kind of things you people like to sell…and buy? What is your best seller and why do you think it sells well?

Also, have you ever had a best seller that just stopped selling?..why do you think it stopped selling?

I have had neither, as I still haven’t made a sale yet…partly my fault for not being as active a I’d like but that is either here nor there.


Gee, i wanted my best seller to be illustration but it turned out to be Press Releases and writing as Fiverr search algo favored it more somehow. :slight_smile:


I have 3 main services that seem to take turns in being popular. Translation is probably the most consistent for me though due to repeat buyers.
Off-Topic: Hello to Fellow Irish Person

Nice to see another Irish person here, that makes 2 that I have seen in recent weeks + me. Was down in Fota for the first time in 15 years last week. Really nicely laid out and interesting developments coming too.


Me too! I illustrated on Fiverr back in the Dark Ages and illustrated some. I ended up going into hibernation and when I came out, NOBODY bought my illustration gig, but my writing gig got pretty popular.


When I started a couple months ago, my mug designs were popular. But the algorithm favored my tshirt design gig which has exploded over the last month. Not complaining though lol.


Knew Instantly by your name you were Irish. You would be the first fellow Irish I’ve met here, era sure twas only a matter of time anyway we are everywhere :joy:

I’m still trying to find my feet here and I was debating on having consistent or varying gigs. I guess I could try what I can and then see what works.

As for the wildlife park, It’s one of my favorite places to visit, weather permitting of course. You know yourself sure :wink:


@brejay @simplybright Ah I was planning on making illustration my main thing when I got into the swing of things. I guess I will just have to see how it goes :joy:


My bestselling gig is still a kinetic text animation in a style in which I have precisely two competitors (and they use the same appropirated* template). But, when I flicked the Promoted Gig switch a longer while back, I must have put a curse on it. It stopped selling even when it was still first page, top row(s) for its related search results. Why? Beats me.

Instead, my two music visualisation gigs are doing comparatively well recently and I’m still doing justice to my profile’s blurb as I’ve been getting a lot more requests for custom work re: text animations.

Yeah, it’s rather interesting how Fiverr manages to screw one’s plans :slight_smile: I have another gig in the making, offering a new service, and I’m kind of scared to actually finish and post it…

* that was totally a typo. I’m so going to keep it!


I suppose it’s handy to be multi-skilled on Fiverr helps to evolve and keep things fresh I guess.