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What is YOUR New Years resolution?


What is your New Years resolution? I have too many to count lol



2560x1440px and I can’t wait.


(1) Get at least two new novellas published -eBooks.
(2) Get a dozen or so short stories published -eBooks.
(3) Visit at least five national parks
(4) Go on a week long cruise
(5) Go on vacation overseas (somewhere)
(6) Visit my family at least once
(7) Try to remember everyone’s birthday - geesh (IDK if I can keep this one - even with smart phones, I still forget)

** Finally, get my publishing company set up **


I’d like to make at least $500 per month on Fiverr and remember all 15 of my nieces and nephews’ birthdays, for once.




want to be more hardworking, more efficient and to do something more special that lifts me to the peak of my dream…


To earn more than $7500+ per month. I think that I can achieve that.


That’s a bold goal. Good luck! I hope you reach it!


Thank you! it is an additional $2K with current condition.


I want Top Rated Seller too lol someone make it happen!


Exercise 45 to 60 minutes every day for the rest of the year.


Start of this new year, I will try to mek a new me…:blush:


Go to events rather than just making flyers for them. #gluedtomyscreen