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What is your opinion about fiverr tips?


What is your opinion when Fiverr deduct percentage from your tips? I know well why fiverr do that, because some seller will receive their amount as a tips.


I think its pretty fair as they have provided opportunity to us and bring customers so if we are awarded with amount of tip they deserve some percent of appreciation as well :slight_smile: btw what happened bro ?


I don’t know, I’ve never been bothered by the 20% commission that Fiverr takes. If we don’t want to give that commission, we can just go solo, build a website and market ourselves. That’s a lot of work and money and Fiverr does all of that for us. So, personally, I’m okay with it; tips and all.


If they didn’t take the 20% off tips, there would be more than a few dishonest sellers around! :wink:


If you type “Fiverr taking 20% from tips” in the search bar above you will find numerous posts on the topic.


you made the correct point bro


Obviously Fiverr give us many opportunity, for that they deduct 20% commission from our order. I have no complain about it. I respect their rules. Nothing happened zazi_developer When we see Fiverr deduct 20% from our tips, it’s not looking good at all. Because it is our hard work result.


Easy solution - refuse all tips! Then Fiverr won’t take 20% off. :wink:


As far as tips go that also is their rules!


You are right bro but if fiverr don’t deduct any amount from tips that feature can be miss-use… So to avoid that they are cutting their % so everything goes fair.


I never told they have to do it, i just shared my opinion.


There have been plenty of threads with this exact argument. I suppose it is truly an argument for the ages.

Also: the majority of people being punished for the actions of few dishonest individuals is a pretty fundamental principle not just on Fiverr, but throughout daily life. Does that mean just giving up on enforcement and opening the floodgates would necessarily make things better? Probably not.


Thank you every one for sharing your opinion. Now i’m understood, it is really fair.


We even pay tax to our governments but they are not giving us jobs, Fiverr gives us opportunity then how could we think that they are not part of our earnings, they ruled it like they will take 1$ after every 5$ then tip or no tip its the same you have to give 1 after 5, And dear fiverr is telling/forcing/insisting (you can name it anything) a buyer to give you a tip, you didn’t ask for it.
BTW your point was Good :wink:


Yes it is really true. For Fiverr marketplace now i can survive with my situation.


Bearing in mind I never got tips for work outside Fiverr, I love the fact buyers can leave tips here, and am happy with Fiverr taking their 20%. I’d much rather receive 80% of a tip than 80% of nothing.


Thank you again everyone for clear my point. Now i’m agree with you all.


yeah it’s fair… fiverr have to pay fee for paypal and other payment gateway sites for every transaction…


I don’t know about it, thank you for your information.


If they won’t deduct 20% from tip then for a 30$ order in mutual understanding the buyer will order for 5$ and 25$ will be tip for which no fees will be deducted and fiverr will get only 1$ for the order. That is definitely not expected and they are fully aware of this. :grin: