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What is your opinion about the new notification bar design?

I just noticed the the notification bar is now different from what it was 2 or 3 days ago and to tell the truth, i dont find it to be more useful than the previous notification bar.Even the fonts appear a bit fuzzy to me.Is it just me who dont like this development, or are there others too?

It’s cool, like facebook notification bar.

It’s very useful, as you can now see 8 notification with a single click :slight_smile:

I don’t like it very much.

It is nice:) I like that is bigger…

I don’t hate it. The text is a little smaller, but the box is larger and I can see more notifications at once, which is nice.

I don’t like this. I am getting confused between which one notification is already seen or which one is not.

it’s cool and work fantastic.

not so good, the previous one was good cause I could understand what was new notification!

I like the change, the “mark as read” button especially! But yes I think they do need to increase the contrast between unread and read notifications!

Reply to @dinislambds: Same here :frowning: