What is your order cancellation ratio?


I’m just curious to see what’s considered high around here. I heard people losing their levels due to cancellations, so just wondering. Mine is 8%, virtually all the cancels are because buyers don’t read instructions though.

What’s everyone else’s cancel rate?


18 % most of them is for same reason, 90% buyers don’t read description.


We are at 2%, but we’ve only had 125 orders. I would guess that a reasonable target for higher volume gigs would be around 5%. I would think a rate at or above 10% would indicate a possible issues with the description or wording of the gig.

With a worldwide client base, our gig description might sound perfectly understandable to us, but there are plenty of non-english buyers who may not understand all the details. They might think they do, but a language barrier may have given a different impression. This may even apply more so for the technical and complex gigs.

Just my thoughts…but if 1 out of every 5 buyers is making an error when ordering your gig, a flag should be raised.


3% with 1,800 orders completed, 100% rating and no negative votes at all. My last cancelled order (all mutuals) was like a month ago. :wink:

Best Of Luck.


2% and just hit 2,000 completed. Happy with that, but should be lower as I have had to request cancel for orders that should/could have inboxed me prior to ordering but it’s part of it and accepted.



25 order done

35 days on fiverr

22% canceled ratio

still i am in beginner level

I want LEVEL !

;( :-((


Mine is 11% cancellation ratio with 99% rating and i recently LOST both LEVELS!

35 Canceled orders in which 25+ are those which caused by BUYER MISTAKE.


My ratio was at 15% the day I lost my level 2 ranking.


Mine’s 2%.


Done 14 orders in 30 days, 100% rating and NO cancellations…


Reply to @dollar9856: It seems Soon you will be promoted to LEVEL 1 :stuck_out_tongue:

Always take CANCELLATION lowest possible.

i guess when someone cross 10% cancellation ratio they lost levels. (as in my case)


mine is currently 8% and with one more cancellation awaiting it will be 12% I guess. Most of it is due to customers mistake though. Im afraid of my level 1 batch now


10% and growing, mostly because of the accidental purchase and not responding buyers.


i think 20% is not bad for level up :wink:


It is now 5% but right now I think it may increase with scam buyers around!


It recently rose from 1% to 3%. It doesn’t sound like much but it TRIPLED in about 1 month’s time. I have a 100% rating and no negative reviews.


47 + Order Completed but still no cancellation ratio 0 % .

Provide buyer great service and support to get 0% cancellation ratio.


4% With 100% Positive Rating and ZERO Negative Reviews :slight_smile:

(All cancellations due to ORDER BY MISTAKE)


7%, 5,000+ completed orders. Most of them were “oops please cancel” or people ordering services that I can not do. It used to be 9% until I started being more difficult about canceling. I think the new fiverr has also somewhat improved the description so more people read it. People used to send me 500+ scripts for $5. Say whaaaat?!


Now no cancel, i will create you a facebook fan page. Order $10