What is your plan to promote your gigs in Christmas and New Year Season?


What is your plan to promote your gigs in Christmas and New Year Season?


Facebook advertising i guess


can you suggest some groups for promote our gigs , specially graphic design gigs


Seriously? How I market and promote my services is of no concern to you. I am marketing to my customer base. You have your own customer base. How you reach your unique customer base is not how I reach mine.

You are going to have to do your own research to determine what works for YOU. Fishing for “tips” that help you get around the need to do the hard work necessary to build your business is inappropriate. Got out there and research. Get out there and figure out what works for you!


Iam not asking whats is your secrets or tips, I am here asking whats your plan mean “are you ready for x mas season.” from all sellers
New sellers will learn something on this topic.
Also we all love to ask advice from seller like you.


But you are. This is a clear by your comment:

You’re right. New sellers will learn that they need to do research, experiment, and find what works for them when it comes to marketing their gigs. There is no one right answer, and no two sellers have the same market.

Figure out who your target customers are. Research to determine where those customers are located. And then go to those locations (online or off), and find creative ways to reach out and tell those customers about your services.

You are responsible for your own marketing. Figure out what works for you, and what appeals to your target customers.

Done. Advice given. Now get busy marketing your gigs. :wink:


@jonbaas Thanks for our Advice, I’ll try my best


I never promote my gigs, no matter the season.


I hope so. Good luck.