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What Is Your Rated Order Percentage?

Are you getting more or less reviews these days? For the sellers who been around more than 2 years, have you noticed any significant changes? I was browsing my analytics page and noticed my percentage and was just curious to know what others are seeing.



I am getting the same number of reviews and tips. I haven’t seen any changes after the recent modification of the review system.

Mine is at 82% right now.


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Mine Rated Orders are 85%. I have not had a tip since the middle of September.

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Mine is 73%. I think I should worry about it.
I generally do not approach buyers with automatically completed orders.

Do you mean approach them to ask for a review? I never ask for a review!

Mine is 72%, 2% increase from last year

@ vickiespencer

Yes, I mean that.
I do not ask them to review in my favor.