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What is your Rated Orders percentage?


Mine is 89% I am not quite sure if it’s a “good” rate or there’s room for improvement so I guess I’d like your input on that

I have 73 completed orders and 65 out of them rated me with 5* (I also have a 4.7* but I guess this shows as a 5* one) so roughly, 9 out of 10 buyers give me a review but I wonder if I should try to improve this ratio to a greater number and if so what would be your two cents for this?

PS: It goes without question that a) I deliver on time - most of the times way ahead of deadline b) communicate promptly with the buyer - sending a thank you note upon receipt of the order c) over-deliver by extending my readings and/or offer additional insights at no extra cost, when possible d)offer my returning clients discounts or add-ons e) reply immediately to any follow-up or clarification questions they might have upon receiving their reading and so on. I even have a prompt in my deliveries for offering them a mini bonus reading with my pendulum upon rating their experience with me, including a clear disclaimer that I do not urge them for a stellar review but rather for their honest opinion of their experience with me to help me build my social proof on fiverr and let other buyers know if my services are a good fit for their needs or not.

I’d love to hear how you manage to maintain a regular flow of reviews on your gigs and any tips you have for improving my record.
I don’t know about you but I’m more satisifed for an order completed with a rating instead of one being automatically completed, even if the first one is on $5 and the second one is on $50


It’s excellent :slight_smile:
mine is 83%

But I already had some weeks where it was below 20%, which cost me some ranking positions.


80% :confused:
But I think it’s good! and yours: damn good! :wink:



2936 Orders completed | 1817 Reviews


wow, I didn’t know that reviews had to do with ranking! How did you overcome that 20%? Did you contact buyers and ask them to rate? Possibly with a bonus or something?


Thank you :slight_smile: I always thought that an over 70% would be good enough so you’re awesome having an 80%. Do you ask your clients to rate you?


Boy, I wish I had your sales!!!



sure you will get the orders soon.


Not all of em! If I see attitude problem, I don’t ask for review, because it may backfire :grin:
But if he/she is polite, I send a polite message to critique (not review) my work. :laughing::laughing::laughing:


Yes, it has a lot to do with ranking.
of course there are other factors, but rates are connected with seller performance. So more reviews and better reviews helps with gig ranking.

Yes I did contacted them but the just didn’t answer. We cant just force them to rate.

I already had weeks off 99% feedback, weeks with 20%.

I just happen


I see what you mean :slight_smile: I sometimes give “incentives” for their HONEST review such as a mini discount on their next order or a mini pendulum reading to compensate them for the time spent in reviewing my services.


The most I got was 91% but yes, it changes depending on the amount of orders completed WITH rating or WITHOUT.

In my field, some people are put of if their review is there for others to see. They might be sellers as well (I have a client who’s a psychic here) or loyal to another reader and they do not want the other reader to see…others have privacy reasons and so on. I respect everyone :slight_smile:


For sure.

If nobody would like to review, we must respect their decision, but if they want to review, it will be amazingly welcome.

That’s why we always must be polite and respectful now matter what. Professionalism above anything, and good ratings will be just a consequence :slight_smile: