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What is your reason for buying gigs on Fiverr?

Do you buy gigs on Fiverr ? Is it because you do not have time or the skill? The other day, one buyer asked me do something that was very easy to do. So I taught her how to do it and saved her a little money.

Knowledge is power. There are things you can learn and do yourself. Especially if you are a small business owner, some things take five minutes to accomplish. If you can learn to do something yourself, in my mind that is always a better way to go.

The other day I was on Facebook, in one of the groups. Some guy posted looking for someone to partner with, in building a mobile app. Of course he didn’t share the idea with anyone ( For fear of the idea being ripped off) . Instead of anyone trying to join forces with him and create the “revolutionary” app with him, they encouraged him to learn to code.

That may not impress you, but it did me. I mean this was a young guy. So time certainly wasn’t the issue. It must have been fear. How do I know this. because after most people encouraged him to learn to code, he disappeared. I am not sure, probably left the group forever.

So if you are one of those who are always trying to get someone to do very simple tasks on WordPress or MailChimp , I sat down and created a WordPress for beginners and a MailChimp for beginners video course.

These courses will teach you things like a beginner. You don’t have to fear because, I am still on Fiverr and I will assist you if you need help understanding things better.

Here is the MailChimp Video Course (Also has a WordPress Bundle in there):


here is the WordPress course (Also has a MailChimp Bundle in there)

Get these Video Courses now because, these are my new gigs on Fiverr and I am going to increase the prices of these gigs after February 2016…

Happy learning.

Knowledge is never wasted.

Ricky .