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What is your response time?


I was wondering how do you deal with response time.

I am located in Europe, and I did get a request at 2 am from the US whether I’m available. I responded as soon as woke up. My average response time now though is 7 hours, which bothers me.

How do you deal with that, experienced sellers?



Hi! I am also located in Europe, but somehow everything goes fine. Probably you have very few conversations for now, when you’ll have a lot of them, the average will be much faster. I think about half of my clients are from Europe, too.
Also I am not sure the responce time is that important - I think it is important to reply to all the messages, but take your time. Maybe your replies are particularly detailed and you think a lot about them? :slight_smile: (sometimes I do it indeed!)


Average of 1 hour , I take a great overview about the work I supposed to do . Then, I begin step by step to follow up customer needs till I deliver my work ( Assure that several of revisions is done to the work)
Good luck :blush:,


Mine 1 hour :frowning:



1 hour. I use mobile app and very loud notification sound :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Response time isn’t factored on how quickly you respond to a message from a buyer. It’s based on how often you log into

Just be active on the site. Not via the mobile app but using a browser and your response time will be like mine :slight_smile: Haters be learners, JK