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What is your review percentage?


Mine is 78%, 149 reviews out of 189 orders, is this a good percentage?


Do YOU think it’s a good percentage? There is no wrong or right answer.


Even if it is not a good/bad, I was just curious to know the percentage.


You could add a poll to the post then you could get a rough idea of the average percentage.


Oh, I was not aware of that, let me check.


This question has already been asked several times in the past. Maybe you could use the forum’s search tool :mag: to find relevant threads to satiate your curiosity. :slight_smile:


If you type “review percentage” in the search bar above you will find several posts on the subject which may be of interest to you.


Sorry all, for not doing proper research before posting.


It’s higher than mine, I’m at 60% out of 7,550 orders.

I think you’re doing great.




out of 384 sales :sunglasses:


I am at solid 80% for 1 year now. :slight_smile: