What Is Your Review Rate?


I’m curious as to the percentage of buyers who leave you reviews, and wondered if you’d be kind enough to post here. You can work out your "Review Rate: as follows:

  1. Go to your “order page” and see how many orders have been “completed.”
  2. Go to your personal profile page on Fiverr and see how many reviews you have.

Divide the figure in (2) by the figure in (1) and multiple by 100 to come up with your overall review rate percentage.

For example, I have completed 119 orders and have 86 reviews. 86 divided by 119 times 100 is a 72% review rate.

What’s yours? And if it’s high, how did you manage to improve it?


You have it in analytics, Rated Orders.

Usually, it is around 70%-80%. Mine are around 80% now, but it is something that I really don’t care.


Well, I learned something new today, and now I feel silly. Move along, everyone…


Well, it’s a bit hidden, no worries :slight_smile:


I’m at 65% but a lot of my buyers are regulars who are there every week. And I love them.


My one show Rated Orders 95%. is it need for any ranking or something?


I am currently at 77%.


No, I think it’s just for fun. And trying to increase it asking buyers to review is something I do not recommend.


my review rate now 77% :frowning:


Total Completed Orders
21,785 - Rated Orders 69%
World Domination 75%


Mine is at 66% for 1300 orders but if you take out 2 regulars (for 2 years) who don’t leave reviews, it is 72%.
Tried many different ways to get it improved but none made a significant difference so I don’t bother trying any more, other than quality of work and service - I dont ask.

  • 23,406 completed orders
  • 16,417 reviews
  • 70.14% review rate

A bit higher than I thought it would be!



Many non reviewers only used Fiverr for the project we’ve worked on.

Some take the work and fly off, never to be seen again.

Others actually take the time to leave a review.

Skype consultations review rate is 97-99%.


60%. My main focus is daily and monthly income, not reviews.


I’m at 63% from a bit over 3100 orders, I stopped asking people to leave reviews maybe 2 1/2 years ago… It has gone down since buyers don’t have to leave a review now, I’ve noticed more buyers completing their jobs, but not reviewing.


I am the only here which has lowest review rate i have 48% Only … Any idea how to improve … I have 4.9 still


You’re doing amazingly well, one of your gigs has
15 Orders in Queue

Your overall rating is an impressive 4.9. Most of your gigs are at 5.0. Now you may be wondering, “what would my rating be if 100% of my clients rated me.” Don’t even worry about that question, most people don’t rate, happy people rarely rate unless they’re really happy or have the time.

I don’t even know if you can ask buyers to rate you. In 2016, I used to write this in my delivery message:

“If you like my work, please give me a 5-star review.
If you really like my work, tips are always welcome.”

I don’t do that anymore. I think it’s asking for trouble. Like waking up a sleeping dog that ends up biting you or stirring up the hornet’s nest.


72% is awesome! Coincidentally mine is 72% too!


Completed Order- 791
Reviews- 519
Reviews Rated- 66%


That’s great.
Mine is at 75%