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What is your take about the 20% fiverr commission

Should Fiverr take more than 20% commission on every order or take less like 5%?

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Yes. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


It’s just about right. It’s the cost of doing business on this platform if you don’t like it take your business elsewhere. :money_mouth_face:

Not asking for a reduction thou, I just think they should het more

Yes what? We have two options, which one are you saying yet too

Wait, you think Fiverr should take MORE than 20%?


I think 5% would not be possible. 20% is okay, but 15% would be perfect :grinning:


Yes i think, what do you think?

I think 20% is fair enough. They provide plenty of services to help us earn a living, but they should not take any more than 20%. You can always ask Fiverr if they would accept a donation if you think you are earning too much money, however.


I am not earning to much, why i created the topic was because Fiverr us also making money from traffic both seller and buyer generate to their site.

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10 would be perfect do, I wish they could do a survey on this and let see how peiple react

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I think they do 20% to keep it a round number. 1$ for every 5 someone earns is a lot easier to manage than 75 cents for every 5 dollars.


No, it’s not. It’s pure and easy math.

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A 20% cut is quite a big one seen what you get for it = use of the platform without any protection against scamming buyers. Not that I have any problems, but others do.

Well, duh, it’s easy math. But in all my months of working on Fiverr I have never withdrawn anything that includes cents. They are all whole dollars. I think that makes it simpler for both them and the users of the site. Yes, it is really easy math for me and you and most people, but 1$ for every 5$ earned and being able to withdraw the 4$ is easier than 75 cents for every 5$ and withdrawing 4.25$.

Whole dollar amounts makes things less confusing to people, I guess. And if that is how they want to do it, it’s fine with me, and seems to fit perfectly with their Fiverr brand ideals.

use of the platform without any protection against scamming buyers.

That’s not entirely true. They provide the traffic, the fairly quick tech support (given that places like Facebook and YouTube take days, if not up to a week to respond to your claims), the nice and easy interface for both buyers and sellers. Amazon and Lulu take more than 20% for each sale of my ebooks, so while I’d prefer to keep my money, I understand all the hard work that goes into it, and the end result, to me at least, goes to show that the dollars that are taken are not wasted.

what happens if we get always free service :smiley:

Fiverr will never be a free service.


They will be the best living things on the earth.But they will earn just good feelings, not the stuff which is necessary to live.

Will never be free, is either you get a reduction or increase in their charges