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What is your top tip for success on Fiverr?

Accept 9 out of 10 orders = deliver quickly, accept more orders = respond quickly; the more I accept more orders, the more more orders come; the more I deliver quickly, the more many orders come, the more I respond quickly, the more greater orders come. . .

Well, there isn’t any button to accept an order. They put it on you, you have to accept. There is a cancellation option but that works only after you accept :slight_smile:

my successfull TIP is be loyal to what you are going to do next and what you have done previously for any buyer

Don’t take buyer’s shit.

NEW SELLERS: Customer Support is there to help if your buyer turns into a grade-A-hole. Offer more than you’re worth to build reviews, but don’t let buyers abuse you for them. Study the TOS and be vigilant. And always, always be super-professional when dealing with these guys. Let them flip their shit and take it to Customer Support.

If all else fails, remember the term “malicious compliance”.

Out of curiosity, @silverstone01, why did you copy the title of a post made by Fiverr staff and make your own? Wouldn’t it have been good to reply to the original? It’s just a little confusing. If anyone prefers to add theirs on the original where the tips are highlighted in a sticky, it’s right here:

One other thing @silverstone01 - are you an actual Fiverr Ambassador chosen for the title by Fiverr staff? I see it listed on your profile.

I think the best tips is that you have to promote your gigs and then you will get more and more orders. Also, your seriousness will help you to gain your success in Fiverr.

I don’t see any ambassadors? I guess the answer to your question was “no, I’m a liar. I also dabble in poor attempts at plagiarism in the hope I’ll get a sale thanks to my awesome advice which will translate into straight-up success. Shoot, I’ve been caught”…

Yes, she removed the Ambassador reference. Perhaps the various titles can be confusing if English isn’t a first language.

Be professional always and give the best services to your buyer. :slight_smile: .

Don’t get any warning report from fiverr. Warning may affect your account status. :smiley:

Thank you :slight_smile:

Fiverr can blast off at times as far as impressions, views, clicks and sales and I am here to adjust my schedule accordingly.
When this happens as it has been this week I work around the clock to deliver all orders within 24 hours no matter what. So my top tip is do what it takes to be the best and fiverr responds accordingly.