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What is your weirdest ever modification request?

Modifications are annoying and tedious. I’m sure we all share that same “oh no!” feeling when the REJECTED stuff happens. After all, it could be reasonable, or insane, or furious, or anything. There’s no way to know.

So today I had a mod request from a gig I delivered yesterday. OK, no problem, I expected this as I’d highlighted the mod option if they needed something changed.


My buyer wrote: “PLease take a look at some suggestions I made for the revision
but I accpected much more not a proffessional”

Hm, OK. So let’s look at the suggestions and hope they’re a bit less… uniquely expressed. Oh. It’s a picture of my writing, printed out (and of course, I needed to rotate it to read it–le sigh) with awful handwriting.

Now, I can’t really read most of it, and I’m also stunned at the double whammy of the quoted crap above combined with the insanity of printing something out, writing on it, taking a photo and uploading it (the kicker is that I know this buyer is around my age, so doesn’t even have “clueless grandma on the computer” to save her)… all of my wat.

Anyway, instead of doing the revision, I’ve sent a super-professional reply asking them to maybe send the comments on the actual doc, as the pic was a bit blurry and I am too stupid to read bad handwriting.

And this saga stops here because I’m waiting on some other gibberish to arrive in my inbox. So that’s my weirdest mod story. I feel vaguely offended that someone who can’t spell for shit and can’t edit a doc with comments is telling me that I’m not professional. u wot m8?

Grrr. I mean this isn’t weird, but it’s definitely WTF. It’s not a reseller either. This is a professional. I checked it out.

Oh–I should add that one lucky seller will also have to deal with this buyer, as it was a script for an animated video. May God be with you, and RIP your soul.

That sounds infuriating. Your reply was perfect. How irritating to be told your work is not “proffessional” by someone illiterate.

Proofreading and translation get a huge amount of those “I no speak inglese good but you are mistake making coz it not sound like i is speeking it”. Takes a lot of patience to deal with and finding a way to say “that is cos u is speeking it wrong” in a nice way (often 2 or 3 times) takes a bit of time.
On the other hand, I am sure there are many buyers who get badly done work but accept it because they don’t know any better.

“I wanted the text to be blue.”

Uh…okay? Didn’t mention it in the instructions and would literally take less time to make the text blue yourself than to reject the order and write that modification request. Also…why? Why does it need to be blue?

“I don’t like your Australian accent - this is for a business in London, can you make it sound more British”

perhaps don’t order a gig that says" I will be your Australian voiceover" :wink:

“Can you please add in a small joke about inflatable dog turds?”

In a ghostwriting gig, where I’m writing a Gothic Horror Romance. In the middle of a chapter that’s supposed to establish the tone and theme of the entire novella. Which according to the client was suppose to be kind of very serious and was more about the character interactions with one another. It was the strangest thing to be asked, let alone the subject theme itself. I’m convinced they just saw I offered a revision and took it to see if I’d actually do it.

I can’t imagine being an animator on Fiverr. It’s bad enough dealing in still images. You’d have to really love working for peanuts at multiple frames per second.

RIP his soul, indeed.

Was the inflatable dog turd going to be a major plot point later on? Like maybe it was a cursed inflatable dog turd. I feel kind of inspired to write a Kindle Short about it now. It would be called “David Camoron: My Inflatable Dog Turd of a Career”.

So what was the joke you ended up doing? Off the top of my head I would have had some protagonist step on it and hilariously skid accross the room then suffer a slipped disc.

I can’t say that I’ve had any weird modification requests, but I have had a few refund requests that were totally whack. For example, I got this order from a client recently:

A part of the block outlined in red says, Remember: I only read for questions in the present and neither investigate the past nor predict the future.

Now, this is part of the mandatory buyer instructions, and you sellers know that this means the order doesn’t start until the buyer has read the instructions and provided the requested information. Believe it or not, but it’s not unusual for me to get questions about the future that I’m only going to answer in the present - people ask questions however they like, and then it’s my job to interpret the question for the best answer.

So I completed this $20 order exactly as placed, with the buyer fully aware that I’m not making any future predictions. At least, I thought she was fully aware since she couldn’t start the order without reading those instructions… apparently, she didn’t read the instructions.

She requested a refund, and I very politely explained to her that I’m not giving her a refund because she didn’t read the instructions. I knew that this was an invitation for her to give me a bad review, but I’m not giving up $20 without a fight. I used to have a 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee, but to be honest I just got tired of giving people an easy out. I’ve got 1% cancellations right now, and I think only half of that 1% are people who were deliberately scamming a free reading.

With those kinds of numbers, I was giving a really generous refund policy and nobody was actually using it, so I changed my policy to be much more aggressive. Essentially, you only get a refund if the reading doesn’t make sense and you gave me a chance to look at it a second time. Unless you know a way to refund the ~15 minutes of my life I spent on that order so I can spend it with my daughter, I’m keeping your money, and in the immortal words of Gene Wilder’s Willy Wonka,

I’m BACK! Srry I was locked out of the forum for whatever reason for the last two days!
OK I wouldn’t say weirdest but I’ve had a client request a DJ mix and then say they didn’t like it and request a completely new one, which was an obvious scam to get the 1st one for free because in our conversation when I sent the sample they said they liked it and wanted to purchase the gig, so I declined, they tried cancelling the original one and I declined telling them I knew exactly what they were up and will send screenshots of our convo to customer service, they never ended up cancelling or leaving me a review, so I obviously caught them out but at least I got paid in doing so! :slight_smile:

I feel sorry for you guys… lol

  • I accpected much more not a proffessional.
  • A more British sounding Australian voiceover.
  • Blue text.
  • but you are mistake making coz it not sound like i is speeking it.

I wonder if people who dance in underwear for $5 get weird modification requests?

Yes, they do. This is precisely why I quit, threw all my thongs away and decided to come and work on Fiverr in the first place. :slight_smile:

How did you complete the order exactly as placed since all her questions were about the future? I have the same problem. I tell people I only give a consultation for $5 but they place $5 orders and expect a spell for that amount. They do not usually respond when I tell them again it’s just for a consultation and I never know what to do.

I suppose if I wanted to give her an “out” I could have returned the order to her and said, “PRESENT ONLY! NO FUTURE!,” but I was in a mood that day and didn’t feel like hand-holding.

lol @cyaxrex… Your wit and your charm is going to melt some poor unsuspecting young female’s heart.


I have a lot of clients filing the form with N/A on every questions except a quote to use in the design. After I blindly make something even tough I asked multiple times for extra info I get a modification request with: “this doesn’t look right, make different.” or my favorite: “This is not exactly what I wanted, can you make it better?”

Again, all the modification requests come with not additional info for making it better.

“Delete the rock with your name on it or I will cancel the job. (I wont say that one more time)”

Buyer had mentioned that she had cancelled with 4 other sellers because everyone kept adding their signatures.
There was no name and i’m guessing the other 4 sellers didn’t ad their names either.

The bad part was buyer was banned for some other reason and the gig was cancelled. Hm wait that’s not the bad part, bad part was i worked nonstop on this gig 24 December to 31 December 2014 instead of joining my family for the holidays.

Usually when a buyer asks for a lot of modifications and at the end after working period of 3-4 days takes the first concept that you provided at start.
Really annoys and requires a huge patience.