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What is your World Domination rate on Fiverr?


I have 36% of World domination on Fiverr. What are your statistics on the Analytics page?
Has anyone got 50% or more then that in world domination…
Please share your statistics, it is an interesting feature at Fiverr.



my world dominatio. 57%


I have 47% :sunglasses::sunglasses:


I doubt this has any positive or negative effect on our levels, or promotions of our account so I don’t pay attention to it.


You’re probably right, but it’s just fun to see the map be colored in.

They used to have one for buyers but took it away early last year. I had S. America 50% done.

Sigh so sad, I wanted to see the progress I was having hiring sellers from different part of the world. I even went and hired a guy in Mongolia just to get the map colored in. :laughing:


54% I believe, when I last checked.


Sounds good. I understand the feeling. Unfortunately, we, sellers cannot control that area. So I don’t pay attention. My buyers come majorly from the USA, Canada, Australia, Germany and the UK. And that’s all.