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Just out of curiosity, I want to know what is your world domination percent. Submit it and lets see who is dominating the world… Screen shot it.

How much world Domination do you have?
What is your World Domination rate on Fiverr?
World domination and top country?
World Domination Challenge




What is difference between dark, medium and light blue?


It’s buyers sales volume.

light = 1 sale
medium = > 1 & < 100
dark = > 100


Buyer’s map disappeared last month!!

** SIGH **

I was having fun filling my map with sellers from around the world; suddenly, with no warning - POOF - it disappeared.

I was :disappointed_relieved:; then I was :frowning: and then later, I was :anguished:. Now I am :sob:


Just 10%

When sellers don't read the requirements

Who needs a Castilian Spanish voice over anyway? :new_moon_with_face:

PS. Actually posted this reply in a completely different thread. Oh god!


Highest sell >> USA
2nd Highest >> United Kingdom.




Can you do other Spanish accents? Hispanic advertising agencies need people who do neutral Spanish. Like when you watch The Simpsons in Spanish.



Truly? Or did you use up all your blue markers? :wink:


I’ll preface by telling you that my cat is better at math than I am.
I don’t get how this is 8%.


It’s counted as per number of countries, and not the surface area of the countries. Otherwise, anyone who gets one sale from Russia will have an immediate 40% world domination because that country spans the width of 2 continents!

Dark blue means the corpse had been submerged in the lake for a week before it started floating again…

Medium blue means, it was buried just a couple of days ago and…

Light blue means there is a good chance it might wake up anytime…

In all three cases, if it’s floating, it means you haven’t done a good job of hiding the body.



Ok yes. Now I see. Thanks :slight_smile:


You were better off not mentioning the fact that you have a cat. Now you have put the cat’s life in danger.


It does look like more than 8% but it’s probably the number of countries as a percentage of all the countries in the world that they show rather than total area of the countries.




Mine also. most are from US