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What is your world domination?

hey guys submit your world domination here… :bz

my world domination is 41% :expressionless:

Thats great mjgenius. what are your gigs ? please describe. Thanking you.

Mine is 9% :">

Mine is 10%

How to find out our own link for promotion on fiverr please guide

Reply to @ssvvdd17: if you want to promote your gigs i thing best way is social networks and blogs

I got to 11% pretty quickly but have been stuck there now for a while it seems. Most of my orders tend to come from North America. I have been thinking about possibly offering a promotion to buyers from countries not yet on my map, maybe toss in extras flyers or some other perk to help bring sales in and increase my dominance.

I am dominating 2% of the world!!! :slight_smile:

3% of the entire world LOL…

I was going fine the past 3 weeks till I got a negative review for no reason at all. I provided the documents the buyer required and he gave me a negative review. SOO PISSED…

Reply to @typingservice:

I am with you!!! :slight_smile:

25% word domination

Am up to 68%

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Reply to @eddycloyd: amazing

Reply to @mjgenius: It has only taking me a little over 2 years.

4% here lol!

I am not a very good super villain yet :wink:


I will never get sales in some places such as South America or places they don’t speak English. USA and UK are the main countries for me.

Wow eddy that’s fantastic! I wonder if this influences our page views and gig placement.


right now i have over 8k page views. what i do i offer my buyers something for free if they share, tweet or email when i make my delivery and they send me a screen shot. As far as views and gig placement i do think it is part of the over all way you set your gig up and what you are offering. Some gigs are just hotter than others.


Only 4% though it is growing.

37% :bz

Only 3% :slight_smile: