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What is your world domination %?

Mine’s 18% so far…


I rule all of you, you just are not aware.

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lol i forgot not everyone has fiverr 2.0 yet, it will make more sense for you shortly

4%… and growing :slight_smile:

9% right now.

Just tested a new version of fiverr and my world domination is 18%…

42% if I remember well.

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WORLD DOMINATION (34%) :slight_smile:

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I’m at 50%!

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6 %

6% mostly Australia/ america for me

40% so far :smiley:


Could be more but I joined not even 2 months ago, so it seems alright. :slight_smile:

My domination is 55% … im on top :slight_smile:

1% :frowning:

Only three countries so far, snif!

Who wants to help me improve it? Let me paint your portrait, and indulge yourself in the narcissistic pleasure of seeing your face turned into a work of art! LOL

76% :smiley:

13 %

42% but I have seen sellers with as high as 68%, but never 76, I’ll have to check that out. Great work everyone.

Reply to @dtongsports: Yeah, I just confirmed. She is telling the truth! :smiley:

Nice work @bestoftwitter

BTW, I know of two sellers with 89% and 92% respectively. :wink:

Massive 3% wow haha, but just uploaded some pretty awesome gigs check them out.

I’m from New Zealand so maybe if you don’t have NZ buyer yet and I don’t have from your country we could swap and help each other out! :smiley: