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What isn't right in my profile or gigs?

So, here I am. A typical noob who wants to earn some money freelancing. But I’m afraid that my inexperience in fiverring won’t let me enjoy the fruits of it.
Can you look over my profile and/or gigs with the fresh eye and tell me what might be a turn-off for potential buyers?

First of all welcome to Fiverr.

There are many translators here ( myself included) so it might be hard to get
orders right away.
Since there are sadly many unqualified Google translators here who claims to be
professionals, it might help a bit if you create a video of yourself speaking in the 2 languages. At least that way buyers can tell that you are a bilingual. :slight_smile:


Thank you for your attention.

First, I never claim to be a professional (and I don’t want to frighten people with my English pronunciation), only that I have a high level in English; second, my English->Russian skill is verified (top 30% for 9.8, so it’s not like it’s a big achievement); third, in the subcategory of translations from English to Russian there are only 32 gigs (although the first places are occupied by real professionals).

I already thought about making a translation sample. But any sample I include, it won’t dissuade people from thinking I just stole it whole.

Making a video of me speaking is an idea. The only place I can record it on is my brother’s smartphone (might look too lowkey). Also, my pronunciation in English is very much lacking, which might make a grating effect on the ears and alienate potential buyers.

I also thought about making a custom gig image, but with my limited design skills it’s just a picture of my gig’s title on a grey gradient. My brother said it would look too unprofessional, while I insisted even a bad picture is better than a stock image.

In your (translation) gig description I see many conditions even before the FAQ. Which of them you had from a start and which came from experience?

Hire a designer to make your gig’s images! :slight_smile:

@levente_gl If I had money to hire a designer I wouldn’t need Fiverr.

They ALL came from experience, actually.
Each time I encountered a problem ( and that same problem occurred a number of times), I
edited my gig description, and I lost count of how many times I’ve done that.
I am aware that each translators deal with the situations differently, but that’s my version :slight_smile:
I think it’s been a while since I’ve last edited my description, but I do remember the last thing I added was “please message me first” both in the description and in the image.
For me, this is very important but it took me a while ( for some reason) to actually add that!

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Do you have any friends who are good at drawing or has some experience in graphic design? Having a good gig image is quite important.

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No, I have none.
Additionally, I’m not a social media guy, therefore you won’t see my gigs shared in Facebook or Twitter, where I don’t have accounts at all.
It is, as the song says, “all by myself”.