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What it feels like to get first order?

#1 fiver has gotten into my nerve these days. I registered with just few days back and started three gigs but haven’t got enough luck to get any orders. However, I am not here to ask anyone to give me advice on how to get first order. I have got few tips from this forum on how to write a gig, how to get first sale and so on. Though I am not looking forward to use as my primary source of income (at least not now because I haven’t even got first order on my account :wink: ), reading everyone’s success stories, knowing how they succeeded through this amazing website I just want to know what does it feels like to get first order and first sell. I know most of the sellers have passed through this period but I think I am little bit more into this than everyone. Hopefully it won’t take me forever to get first sell. Though it will take me more time to experience first order myself, I want to know from other sellers what did it felt like when you got your first order or first sell? Please don’t get me wrong. I just want to know the experience of everyone though, someday I will hopefully be able to get thousands and thousands of orders and telling all of you my experience ;).


Aha it feels good brah! Mine was a massive anticlimax cos i delivered the order and it was like “huzah!” First order bitchizz! But apparently it wasnt quite what the buyer expected from the gig and he wrote that in the review -_- so yeah i got better at it after that. But i didnt look at the forum at all until recently so i had no idea what i was doing, so youre already doing better than me for informing yourself and coming here lol.


I hope you get more and more orders with time and so do I. Really happy to know that I am going on right way.


It feels like being kissed by God. When you get the notification that you have one order, it’s like choirs of angels start singing in your ears. The sun starts shining a little brighter, and all of a sudden you feel validated as a person.

It’s an addictive feeling, one you’ll never be able to get enough of.


Reply to @sara1984: Haha. I am even more excited to get my first order now. You made me more curious about this.


Reply to @mallika255: Hey Mallika, Congratulations for getting level 2. Hope you get even more success in coming days. Thank you for telling me what you felt when you got your first order.


Reply to @sara1984:

Its real feeling… i took 1 week to get this feeling then. i got addictive to this. now when every morning i woke up. before do anything i just check my mobile to see how many order for today. then if have a orders feel happy.

I am full time fiverr worker and really love this.

Today i got level 2 that make me more happy.

Thanks and regards