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What it pays to be a seller on fiverr

I am a seller using fiverr since 4 years. I had noticed a gig which copied my description and reported it to customer support. Now they flagged my gig saying its image is copyright infringement. I am using this image and gig has been live for more than 2 years and has good rating too. There are tons of other gigs using the same image and non of them are flagged. Even all nodejs gigs on fiverr use nodejs logo and none are flagged. Nowhere in nodejs trademark policy said not to use the logo. I am sorry to say fiverr, the platform has become worse than when I joined back in 2012.

Just put this behind you and move on quickly with either a different image or a replacement gig with a different image. Stop worrying about why it happened or why others get away with it. This is not productive.

Thanks for the advice misscrystal. Anyway a replacement gig is not an option as all my reviews would be gone. I have resubmitted with another image.