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What it really takes to succeed on Fiverr? (My 5-years on the platform)

After being absent from this forum for a while, it seems things have taken a new direction. A couple of years ago, just around the time, I was starting on Fiverr - the forum used to be a productive place. To sum it up, it was a place to share ideas, learn something new, have discussions with fellows sellers and buyers. It was the perfect place for a person willing to learn to evolve from an average to a great seller.

During my time as a frequent user, I helped people and people helped me. I’ve met many new friends and cool people. Nowadays, it seems the forum is overcrowded with three types of posts:

  1. People bragging how many sales they made. It usually happens the same person to post that many times over and over again.
  1. People that cry because they were “punished” for breaking the rules. Those posts typically go “I have two accounts, why was I banned?”
  1. Introductions from people that just say “I need jobs”

Well, since I got tired, from the same usual things. I have decided to create an updated guide on how to gain a bit of wisdom on how to improve your Fiverr business. This time around, it won’t be a sarcastic post like my previous guides.

As a young student, I needed to make some extra money to buys gadgets and the likes. First, I started offering services without having any practical knowledge nor a great skillset. The first thing that anyone should understand is that - WE ALL HAVE TO START FROM SOMEWHERE. I was in the same situation once - and some of the forum trolls used to make fun of me. Interestingly, I thought that some people on the Forum were hostile to me. It turns out, I am a good “pen friend” with some of them now - and understand that they actually wanted to help.

However, over my long journey as a seller, I realized that I needed to change something. If you are someone crying on the forum for not having sales or whatever. I highly suggest you to start accepting advice from senior forum members that try to help you. Don’t get into brawls with them.

The second thing that new sellers should understand is - SUCCESS DOESN’T COME WITHOUT DEDICATION.

Back in the days, I knew that I should change something and improve my game big time. Since I already established myself as a graphic designer. I decided to work on my skillset first. What I did was watching YouTube tutorials, buying books, equipment, supplies - and talked to people which gave me ideas, critiqued my work and etc.

I also went on all of the business hackathons and student competitions. They are really helpful for improving your self-confidence and skills, especially if you are a beginner in some field.

Simoultainosly, I have decided to buy a couple of books to improve my English language and professional communication. One of the books was named “My Grammar and Me (Or Should That Be I)”. It’s quite a handy book. Also, don’t forget about Grammarly.

The third and final thing is - ALWAYS BE LEARNING & DON’T LOOK DOWN!

If you get refused for a Fiverr Pro seller, or you don’t make a TRS after the evaluation - or as we used to call it St. Level’s Day. Don’t be demotivated and don’t rant. Focus on tomorrow. It doesn’t really matter if you are a pro or not. There are Level 2 sellers that earn more than pros and top-rated sellers.

Follow the trends in your niche, if something gets trendy - learn how to do that. Create gigs for that.

Example: It is X-Mas time and you are a designer. Create a gig for creating X-Mas cards.

You used to work with photo editing and retouch - and learned the basics of color. No problem, you can start color grading videos.

There is no limit. Try new things, experiment - and please don’t cry on the forum. That scares off potential members that might bring productive and interesting discussions here. :slight_smile:


The forum needs a $15 paywall slapping on it to scare away the "Pray For Me" and "Me Mek No Sells"

I’d still want to use the forum free. (And I wouldn’t pay a $15 fee.) However, the forum could be free to view for all, free for buyers to post, but only free for sellers to post when they are level 2 or higher. Fiverr could even repackage the forum as a perk of leveling up.

To be honest, I can’t believe they haven’t done this already. As well as raising $$$'s, it would make Fiverr look less like a random mek-sell prayer party to passing buyers.


Brilliant, you gotta ask Fiverr to give you 10% share from the profit for the idea.


It’s sad that the funniest members got banned. They used to make sport of the rest of us but it was really fun back then.

I looked at your gigs gig freak and there is tremendous talent in your designs. This is at least 80% of what it takes.


Totally! Yep, and by banning them we got a lot of spam.


Now some of the brawls are the more interesting posts. :crying_cat_face:


God help us if they ever come after the fugly pet owners… :frowning:


What about making a “swear jar” type thing for those who offend on the forum. If something was funny enough people would still say it or could start a go fund me which the rest of the forum could use to bring them back from purgatory.


It’s the Internet, Eoin. Butterflies offend people. What you seem to be suggesting is that if I want to be offensive, I have to first run a successful IPO.

I’d rather just be offensive.

By offend I mean break the rules, rather than just cause offense.
The swear jar would be instead of a suspension/ban.


Swear jar, huh…?
I think I like that idea.
I get the feeling I’ll be using it a LOT.


I see. Like the system they use in Demolition Man.

I like it. However, I’m not sure how big a fine should be. $10? $100? Also, the rules are open to interpretation. All it would take was someone to go flag happy and you’d have a Fiverr extortion racket.

I like your idea. I do like mine better, however, I guess they could both work to complement each other.


Well your idea would ensure the mek-sell explosion lately would cease and mine would ensure the funny posters would always have a means of returning.

I’m gonna say a fiver - for brand consistency purposes.

The forum needs more of Zeus’ instant topical drawings for any occasion™


And how is life back in 2013?

I think a fiverr would be a bit cheap. I know of some supposedly very wealthy people who might well exploit that pricing modil. :wink:

Things could also descend into chaos with people paying just to participate in exciting slanderous brawls. I’d say the punishment should fit the crime. A 5-day ban, a $5 fine, a 30-day ban, a $30 fine, a 1000-year ban… Well, let’s be nice and say $100. That way you could push it as a repeat offender discount.


I miss him… actually, the idea of certain people having to pay more for their offenses is very appealing to me. Perhaps there needs to be an allowance for things which are not allowed but funny rather than just not allowed.


Yeah, I missed him once. That didn’t turn out well.

IDK, I’ve been burned by a lot of censorship recently. You end up having to have someone decide what is funny or inappropriate and usually that person is the least funny person in the world who finds everything inappropriate if they happen to disagree with it.

One way to get around that could be to have a kind of rotating forum presidency. One week you’re forum etiquette overlord, then it passes onto someone different, etc, etc. However, all that starts getting far too complicated if you think about it.


I like it best when they are both.

I get so tired of those posts. :roll_eyes:

“I made my second sale.” Then a few days or weeks later, “I made my third sale.”

I personally am tired of those. :sleeping:

I do not get this. :thinking:

I would be ashamed :flushed: :sob: even to mention I had broken the rules. On the other hand, in the Fiverr app, the Forum is listed as “Support,” so maybe those types of posts are by people who think they are complaining to CS. :thinking:

As a Forum member, who at one time greeted each and every new Forum member and found a little clip art to welcome them I got so sick :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting: of this that I stopped welcoming new member altogether. That is not good either. I may have to get back to this habit, but only for the nonjob seekers. :slightly_smiling_face:

It was sarcastic, but funny! :rofl: :wink:

I bet I can list at least one or two. :smile_cat:

Yep, this is true! :money_mouth_face:

Hey, @gig_freak, this is for you!

:clap: :clap: :clap: Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!

Your post was refreshing to read after our long spell of the types of posts we have been seeing as you described above.

I only :pray: that the people that post those kinds of posts will take note. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: But somehow I doubt it will influence all of them. Mainly because they want to get quick fixes and not do the things you suggested. :roll_eyes:


Fantastic post.

I am intrigued that the forum wasn’t always like this. I’ve only been a seller for about 2+ years, so that’s before my time.

Now it’s a place where myths are either born or perpetuated and it’s also seen as a substitute for researching and buckling down and doing the work. The forum today is a snapshot of every stereotype about Fiverr.

As a community engagement professional, that interests me. When does that shift happen and why?

If a buyer looks at the forum, they’re not going to think they’re dealing with hard-working professionals, so a shift back to a productive forum is important. I’m wondering what would inspire that to take place.


There was a time when this forum made me laugh more than anything else I’ve seen on the internet.

There are some zany people on fiverr.