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What it really takes to succeed on Fiverr? (My 5-years on the platform)

Those :popcorn: days are over. Sorry, Freaky, if this is getting too OT, it’s such a nice T, after all, “not scaring off potential members that might bring productive and interesting discussions here”. :slight_smile:
ᴹᵃʸ ʷᵉ ⁿᵒᵗ ˢᶜᵃʳᵉ ᵒᶠᶠ ˢᵒᵐᵉ ʷʰᵒ ᵇʳᶦⁿᵍ ᶠᵘⁿ ᵈᶦˢᶜᵘˢˢᶦᵒⁿˢ ᵗᵒᵒˀ


I wish fiverr would stop closing the entire posts just because someone has made a statement that could be considered insensetive in certain context if you squint really hard. Or because the topic is potentially “inflamatory”. We can’t have any culture-related posts at all that remain up longer than 24 hours. And for me as a member of an international community those are the most educational and entertaining to read.

The endless brag posts need to go. Either entirely or be given a separate little corner where this eternal measuring contest can continue. I doubt it’ll happen, though, because someone always tries to spin it and turn it into another cultural issue every time it comes up. It’s not a cultural issue, it’s 6 spam posts in my feed right now. I have to dig deep to find content underneath it all.


I think that there was an idea to move all the “Yay, my first sale!”, “Yay, my second sale!”, “Yay, I almost made the third sale!”, “Yay, I made the third sale, I’ll be a TRS soon!” posts to My Fiverr Gigs, but apparently, there are too many of them to implement that idea.


It’d probably require a lot of manual (and paid) moderation.

I’d create a separate category for posts with zero substance, give it a fancier name (like “Super Successful People Lounge”) and call it a day. They’ll flock to it by themselves.


:joy: :joy:

Thanks, Vickie.I do agree with you. At least the old “regulars” which are back and use the forum often, as @eoinfinnegan mentioned we can created topics and discussions for the sake of starting cool discussions. :slight_smile:

I think it’s important to remember that every forum has periods of change and reshuffling. If you go back through old forum posts, there are many active sellers who are no longer active here or even on Fiverr.

Of course we all miss certain individuals who added a level of spark or interest to proceedings but (with perhaps one or two exceptions!) there were people like that long long ago and even since they left.

People stop posting for a variety of reasons - some are forced due to bans, others get busy with work, family, life, or various other reasons. What needs to happen then is for others to step up and post the kind of content they want to see.
For examples, this post by @gig_freak who hasn’t been around as much recently, posts by people like @cyaxrex who brings his wonderfully unique way of expressing himself, or people like @vickiespencer who add in some forum games now and then. If more of the regular forum users were to bring a post every week or two, the forum would definitely brighten up quickly.

I know that making a post is often an intimidating thing (sadly not for mek-sells) but when a post is made by someone I see regularly, I will always try to engage as do many others. Some posts will get more attention than others, some posts will inspire others to make a new post on a related topic, but for me, a well written post by someone who is known on the forum is never a bad thing.

And IF people were to post consistently, then the mek-sell posts would quickly move down the list as people engaged with the good stuff.

Post ideas:

  • something good that happened recently
  • how things are going in general
  • something nice you saw, heard, are going to see
  • something that annoys you
  • something you want to see changed/improved/removed
  • a new way of seeing things
  • anything that’s on your mind really!
  • literally any picture/story about your pet

Emma often extolled people to be the change they want to see - that’s what it will take.

Make the Forum Great Again merchandise is available from the usual outlets.


Blooming Pro writers plagiarizing Gandhi… :roll_eyes:

I think I’d prefer “Make Fiverr Fun Again” campaign merchandise. In green, naturally.


These posts from experienced users are just as common and just as useless. I find topics like this similar to “Yay, I made my first sale” posts (only people who create this kind of posts are interested in this kind of posts - Go ahead, see who answered).
What worked for you 5 years ago is not a good way to rank right now. Things changed, the algorithm changed, the number of gigs is rising. Being dedicated and professional is not enough. Being patient and positive is not good enough either. Try to create a new bogus account and start fresh and you will see what new sellers must face getting a sale. Refresh the Buyer Request for 3 hours and get a blank page. When one finally does come up, the buyer says “only lvl 2 sellers”, or asks for free samples.
Try to deliver more than you promised just to make sure you don’t get a bad review as a new seller because a 4* review on your first order means no more buyer requests.
Lower your prices to actually meet the buyer requests requirements just to get no response back from them anyway.
I do understand the “crying topics”. These are people who have no income and somebody told them that they can make a lot of money on Fiverr (maybe a video or a blog post that explains how to make a ton of money here). They are deceived, they don’t speak English very well, they are not very skilled at what they do, but they are doing their best. Unfortunately, this was their best.
Your post is very helpful for people who joined Fiverr 5 years ago, but for me, as a new seller, it won’t help at all. I do appreciate your effort to write something nice for the community and I do understand that the intention was to help. But maybe you can help us by breaking down the 2019 new seller steps. You would definitely edit this post if you created a new account and tried to become successful again with no help from ex-buyers, friends on the forum and regular clients from outside Fiverr. Try to create a new YOU (like I did) and see if your advice applies to 2019 new sellers. I could bring some of my clients to buy from Fiverr, but this would mean charging them more to pay their fee and giving up 20% of my cut even if Fiverr didn’t send me the client. Would it work? I have no idea, but I’m not ready to pay to find out :slight_smile:


You think there weren’t obstacles and difficulties a couple of years ago? You think every experienced seller just showed up, created a poorly written gig with copied images and no knowledge of what they are offering and went on to make loads of sales?

Yes, buyer requests has changed how it operates in the last year or so but I can basically guarantee that most of the whining posters wouldn’t have got jobs from BR then either.

I am an experienced seller but am currently at level 0 so I have the same issues with buyer requests. Of the ones I apply to I probably get a quarter who order. Levels are not the issue for the whiners, communication ability, knowledge of their niche, and professionalism are their issues. Fiverr can’t help with those things, that’s on the sellers themselves to fix.

Posts like this one are for those who are likely to get somewhere.

See, perhaps that’s the difference - people like the OP were willing to do what it takes, perhaps lose some money initially as an investment in their future. I generally get paid approx $40/hour but was working initially at a rate of around $5 til I became established and people could see my work quality. That’s what it takes sometimes.


I don’t think so.

What worked 5 years ago would work now - and it would work forever. If you want to sell a service you should have knowledge of the service that you sell.

You don’t want an inexperienced doctor to treat you, do you? It’s the same here, people don’t like to work with designers that don’t know the basic rules of design.

Don’t get me wrong. Your designs are great. I will try to give you tips and ideas that might work for you today.

Your gigs are currently in a highly competitive niche. One of the main problems is that you have 5 gigs in the very same category of logo design. My opinion would be to have only one gig for logo design and create other gigs for business card design, invoice design (that gig is rare), offer a gig for logo animation.

Interestingly, in my country, I work with some of the same brands that you work with. That means you have the necessary experience.

What I find vague, are your gig descriptions. They seem like something out of a pitch-deck presentation to impress investors, not as a presentation so you can score a sale from potential clients.

In a nutshell, here is what might work for you:

  1. Have gigs across a few categories. Not just in logo design.
  2. Make your descriptions and titles catchier. Do something that will be of extra value to clients.
  3. Make your gig photos more presentable. See what successful people in your category do.
  4. Your username is “Arcticdesigner” brand yourself around that name. Have consistent gig images, descriptions and colors across your gig photos.
  5. Change your bio. Currently, it’s too long.

“I’m a qualified and certified Graphic Designer with over 6 Years of Experience and a passion for design. I specialize in: Logo Design, Brand Building, Stationery Design. I am certified by Adobe for Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects. I love to draw, I hand-draw all my logo designs, so everything will be unique and on theme, not some random general design created by a free template. I’m fast, professional and I speak English fluently.”

“Hi. I am ArcitcDesigner! A graphic designer with 6 years of experience and extensive portfolio. I love to draw and design. Whenever you need a help for a simple logo or more complex and creative designs - I am your guy”.

People aren’t interested if you are Adobe certified, or if you do unique work in your bio. That can be put in your description. :slight_smile:

Hope this helps.

Edit: In addition to this reply to you, in a few days, I might create an updated 2019 guide that might work for new sellers. It would have more details and ideas.


This is beautiful post, I am new at fiverr. 5 years being in something make someone experienced pro, and I hope you do. keep it up with these types of posts, these are motivations for new sellers

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Wow! really appreciated, I got motivated from your powerful life experiences. Thank you for sharing and caring. :+1: :star2::star2::star2::star2::star2:

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Hello gig_freak :smiley:

I am new, and I’m under the Writing and Translation category; I love your tips! I can see how the Christmas theme can be added to different types of gigs.


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One of my friends started her Fiverr journey about 2 weeks ago. She’s already at 6-7 sales and earned about $180 with them so, assuming the skillset is given, if someone knows what he/she does with all the little elements just like descriptions, gig images, tags, titles, prices, offerings, etc., I’m pretty sure the situation isn’t that bad as you described it.


Thank you for your response.
Invoice design and business card design are too cheap to work with. There are thousands of templates already available online and people don’t care if it’s a template or an original concept when it comes to business cards and invoices. They would rather pay $5 on a template than buy mine. As for logo animations, those are saturated and cheap too. People here offer $5 gigs for 3 logo animations and I don’t use templates. You know what it takes to make an animation so to make this work I would have to offer a $5 gig or use templates. I won’t accept any of those, I did my share of free and cheap work when I started working as a graphic designer and I don’t think I should start over just because I’m on a new platform.
As for my name and creating a brand around it: This was the name picked by my team for my Fiverr account (because I’m always cold and tell them to turn off the air conditioner). This account was created to show someone in my team what freelancing means, when he wanted to go this way (and when I realized I am not getting any orders, I got stubborn and wanted to show them it can work - they are still laughing at me: Oh, there he is! Artic Designer, the most successful designer on Fiverr).
Making my description and titles catchier means offering free stuff for the same price. The extra value is the original design + professional execution + the ability to say it to their face: “I believe the design you have in mind sucks. Would you let me create some new concepts for you?”. I also create most of my logos with the golden ratio spiral (you can download any of my logos and try them), but not because it’s cool, because a lot of people create their animations on that ratio and it’s way easier to work with a logo like that, even better if I create the animation.
If people are not interested in my certification, they are not looking for a professional, so they are probably looking for 3 logos for $5. If you are looking for a professional, the best thing to check for are his certifications. But then again, everything is different here on Fiverr. The algorithm is different, the SEO is different, the buyers are different, the sellers…most of them are not even graphic designers (but it doesn’t matter, because the buyers are not either, so they can’t tell the difference between a template and a unique logo until they find the exact same logo used by another company).

I truly believe it’s a platform management issue. Original work and templates should not be put together, there should be separate categories and Fiverr reputation would rise by a lot (I’ve seen how loved Fiverr is on Twitter). I’ve lowered my rates 8 times on Fiverr compared to my normal rates (the reason I can’t even share my gigs on social media - my clients would ask for the same rates) and I still can’t get enough orders to get to LVL1. I use the same strategies on my website with great results and I know it works, but then again, if someone else would create a similar website, it might not work for them.
The bottom line: I don’t think there are enough buyers on Fiverr for my services :slight_smile:

You should stress that you don’t use templates in all your promo, gig description, profile, etc. That’s something most buyers don’t know or care enough to ask.

From a buying perspective, I would wonder why you as a logo designer don’t have one of your own.


From a buying perspective, I would wonder why you as a logo designer don’t use one of your own.


He doesn’t want to get caught selling on Fiverr?


Because portfolios are not made of own logos or “your logo here”.