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What I've learned in first 30 days on fiverr

Greeting… I’ve joined the Fiverr last month and would like to share my experience here on Fiverr in the past 30 days. I’ve learn lots of things. Yes, most of them is common knowledge here for a new seller, but there’s something else too that I’ve learn and experienced:

  1. I joined Fiverr around 8 June 2016, it’s confuse me so much since it’s the 1st time I’ve ever use this site. Inability to grasp the concept, guide me to this forum and started me to read lots of new seller guide article. It took me almost 5 hour full to fully grasp the concept of Fiverr, Even though I’m still wondering about a things or two.

“Don’t hesitate to read lot’s of article, It’ll help you ALOT!!!”

  1. I implement most of the method I’ve read on the new seller tips, at 9 June 2016, I’m started my 1st gigs after compare so much similar gigs from top rated, level 2, and level 1 gigs. I create my own description based on the comparison, and right after that, I’ve gained my 1st client.

“Learn from the other mistake, and gain the fullest from the other success!”

  1. It’s not a magic to get the 1st client. It need a lot of effort of course. Buyer request is truly the answer for you to gain your 1st client, by spending the 10 quotes daily, you’ll start gaining some attention to your gigs. It can took 2 week, 1 week, or even shorter to gain your 1st client. Just don’t give up yet. In my case, it took 3 hour after my 1st gigs created. Kinda lucky.

“The hardest part is starting out, and determine yourself to keep on your track!”

  1. Everything start to move smoothly. Days by days I’ve gain another client, and the most important part is, I’ve gain 2 to 3 repeat client. I’m always keep in mind to always satisfy my client, give the best result and always ready to help them, this is by far something I can offer to my client. In return, most of my client coming back to order something new, or something else.
    I offer Unlimited Revision until the Client is totally satisfied, I also Offer fast turnaround, with friendly and fast responsive communication. Download the mobile Fiverr application, It’s really helpful to track down your Gigs.

“Do your best and let the result follow!”

  1. After getting 10 order, I’m starting my 2nd and 3rd gigs. And start expanding my name by keep doing the buyer request. I also share my gigs via social media and email. It help me so much and improve my order rate. As for now, I’ve got 30 order in 30 days. And keep counting since my repeat client is start ordering again. I’m glad to join this wonderful sites. As it’s truly expand my horizon and giving me more insight on how to dealt with client and how to satisfy them.

“Share it … love it … do it!”

There’s also other things I’ve learn here. Bad client who send you inappropriate picture, Good things, the 1st tip, the 1st cancel order (gladly by mutual interest), so many things that I can’t describe it all here.

I truly enjoy being here on Fiverr. As I’m waiting for my level 1 badge, I’ll keep giving my very best for my client as this is the best things I’ve ever achieved so far.


Note: Sorry for my bad English.


Keep it up

You are doing great.
Keep it up. :+1:

Thanks for sharing

Kudos to you

Thank you so much :slight_smile:

Thanks. Just got my level 1 badge and I’m totally super excited.

your very welcome. :smiley:

Wow , keep it up :slight_smile:

This is excellent! Fiverr is a great way to get yourself out there and acquire new experiences in sales.

This is fantastic!

I have joined fiverr in may 16.i have no experties except data entry.i m to trying to get an order,but invain.suggest me plz.

Thanks for sharing with us you experience as newbie.

It’s been a great start for you. :slight_smile:

Gr8 Sharing.Keep Updated

that’s awesome experiences

Thanks for the article :slight_smile:

Gud Job… Carry on

Thanks for sharing your experience
Very usefull info

Try improving your English. It is surely worth it.